Dating While Traveling – How to Meet People While on Vacation

International Dating Advice / Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

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You know the one thing you never expect will happen on vacation? That you find love. It almost always comes as a surprise when you meet someone who tickles your fancy and finds you worthy of a second date. While vacation is an unconventional way of finding love, it is more common than you would expect.

Something about traveling that makes a person carefree, open to the idea of expressing their inner self and connecting with strangers. Vacations provide an environment without judgment where you can let go of all your inhibitions.

The thing with vacation dating is that there is always the looming fear that it may come to an end. That after the two weeks you will no longer be able to connect, and that is sad – but it doesn’t have to be. With technology that allows video communication, you can keep things going and ultimately create a real relationship. Instagram, Snapchat, Google Duo, WhatsApp, and Skype make the world a literal global village, and soon we hope for connections that allow a real-time 3D experience.

If you are single, down to dating or simply looking to make new friends, and happen to be going on vacation, then you have come to the right place. Below we seek to demystify dating apps for vacations while giving a step by step guide for successfully meeting and locking down a life partner while on vacation.                                  

Effectively Using Your Dating App on Vacation

If you have already been using a dating app then during the holiday is not when to put it on pause. Dating apps are great ways to connect with people ahead of your trip and find someone or people to show you around and even hang out. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Find a premium service that allows you to connect with people outside your geographical area

If the version of the app you are using allows you to connect with people outside your normal location, great! If it doesn’t, it would be a wise decision to get one that does.

For example, AmoLatina’s mobile dating app lets you meet singles from Latin American countries. There are numerous other apps like that available, just pick one that suits your destination.

Plan ahead

Once you can connect with more people, state your intent clearly and explicitly. If a great time is what you need, find someone who agrees with that. Also, offer the dates you will be on vacation to aid the filtering.

State intent and filter the fluff

If a connection is what you need, then state so. Nothing sucks like being stuck with a good time Charlie when all you wanted was a tour guide or partner to the opera.

Safety first

Do not disclose your hotel, where you live or any other information which may serve as bait for a stalker. Ensure your family or friends know where you are at any time. Trust your gut if you feel something is off and your new friend is acting strange. Take all the necessary precautions if you plan on having sex during the vacation.

So yes! You have met someone on vacation. And you are excited but the time is almost up, and you might have to leave. Where do you begin, how do you make this trip memorable? What is the great way to relive and re-make new memories out of this?

Don’t expect it

Love is not a force that is within the control of our mortal hands. Let it find you, allow it to seek you out. The best attitude ahead of vacation would most likely be, let it find me when it does. If it happens or not, then so be it.

Go on dates

While a whole relationship cannot be crammed into a week, you can make the best of the short period for the benefit of everyone.

Keep the conversations going

Even after the vacation is over, seek to communicate, find ways of keeping in touch. Find a way to loop them into your daily life.

Create a second date

If flying or taking a train to see them is achievable, then, by all means, do it. Second dates help to cement the first meeting. You get to learn more about each other. You get to see the feasibility of the relationship and working on ways to make it happen.

Have a flexible outlook

If relocating to be with someone you love is doable, then why not? Some great romances in history would never have happened if the individuals didn’t consider relocation as something they can and should do for the sake of the relationship.

Some stars never align

Sometimes in life, we meet people for a season, and that is fine. Even if your summer crush doesn’t amount to love, the time you spent was worth it and cannot be taken back. Aim for memorability!