How to Seduce & Pick Up a Married Woman

how to seduce a married woman

As a man looking for love or simply a good time, seducing a married woman is a whole new ballpark.

First of all, there is the not so subtle challenge in the form of a shiny yellow band on her left ring fingers. Then there is the fact that seducing women, in general, is not always a cakewalk, especially if you are not the most confident guy in the bunch.

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But if you are trying to figure out how to attract a married woman in real life, you might need some pointers in the right direction. Below are a few that will help you get started with seducing married women.

1# Be confident and take firm initiative

The first secret to picking up married women is to wear your big boy pants. Remember that these women are no strangers to men taking initiative. They have been asked on first dates. They have been asked to move in. They have been proposed to. This means that their expectations are really high and you will probably not get away with slacking on making the first move.

2# Flirt with her

Flirting can very easily be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal as far as picking up married women is concerned. That’s also one of the best way to get into a married woman’s pants.

On the one hand, it will help you attract them by making them feel beautiful, special and wanted. And if they are unhappy in their marriages this is something that they are desperately craving.

Flirting is also a great way to gauge her receptiveness to your approach without putting too much on the line.

So how exactly do you start the seduction of a married woman? How do you flirt? What would you even say? Here are a few talking points that will give her butterflies:

  • Compliment her on her body and beauty in general.
  • Find subtle ways to touch her.
  • Always keep eye contact.
  • Create inside jokes to make her laugh.
  • Make it short and leave her wanting more.

3# Use text messages to keep her intrigued

Another great way to seduce a married woman is through text messages as she may not have time for full-on phone calls. So texts are where all the magic is at!

Use these to not only get to know her but to also flirt and keep her interested. The aim is to have her genuinely excited every time her phone beeps because she knows she is going to get to talk to you.

4# Be upfront about your intentions

You are both adults, and you know what you are doing. So do not try and tiptoe around the elephant in the room – the fact that she is married. Be open about it and make your intentions known. If you just want to have some fun then let her know. If you are looking for something long term that could lead to you two being an official couple then be open about it as well.

5# Try not to bring up her marriage

While it is important to address the whole issue about her not being fully available, it shouldn’t be the sun around which your world rotates as a couple. Do not bring up her husband, her home, and her kids. Get to know her as an individual and give her the chance to see you as a man whom she can love and not just as an illicit affair. Unless, of course, the latter is all the two of you are after.

6# Be nice to the kids

The quickest way to a married woman’s heart is through her children if she has any. If you get along with those little angels, then she will love you without hesitation. This is particularly with married women seriously considering divorce or already separated from their primary spouses.

After all it is not that difficult to find love and date after a divorce.

Such a woman is looking for a man who will help take care of her and her children – someone who will step into the role of the father for her kids. And if you prove yourself worthy in that respect, then it will be a lot easier for you.

7# Focus on her as a woman and not a wife

You are probably asking yourself, why you would even go through the trouble of seducing married women. Is it really worth all it? Well, the answer is simple – they are women too. They want to be loved too. And many of them happen to be in miserable and loveless marriages.

If you have ever wanted to play the role of knight in shining armor, then this might be your best shot. So choose to focus on her being just like any other woman you would like to be with, and she will really appreciate it.

8# Congratulate her on her achievements

Married women are usually older and more mature gals who respond really well to approval. Whether she got promoted at work, got her business off the ground, or finished another level of education, you need to be her biggest cheerleader. This will show her that you not only care about her looks and having fun but that you truly want the very best for her.

9# Notice her efforts

While we are on this topic of gassing up your woman, it is very important to notice and appreciate her efforts. Most married women live to serve, whether it is their friends or family. And more than anything else, they want someone to acknowledge, appreciate and reciprocate these efforts.

If you want to get and keep her interested, then the best thing to do is to be this person for her. So the next time she is late for your date because she was doing laundry or she stops by work to bring you lunch then make sure you show her your genuine gratitude.

10# Shower her with compliments

Women love compliments. It doesn’t matter whether it is a married vixen or a young girl still trying to figure out this whole love thing. Compliments reassure her that you not only love her but also have genuine reasons to do so.

It could be physical things like her hair and her style. Maybe it is the intangible like her intelligence and work ethic. Whatever it is, she will definitely appreciate the love.

However, complimenting, like seduction, is an art and is not just about spewing out flattery. Married women are usually older and wiser and will see right through an empty compliment. To make sure that you get through to her, here are a few compliment-giving tips:

  • Dish them out regularly…
  • … just don’t let it get monotonous
  • Compliment the little things that only someone paying attention would notice.
  • Go into details when giving compliments as it seems more genuine.
  • Compliment her both in public and when you are alone.

11# Be wise about your text and call timings

If you are having a relationship with a married woman, seducing her will involve all the steps of an ordinary courtship. This means texting back and forth, long phone calls about nothing and everything, and most importantly, going out on dates.

However, the fact that she is married and probably keeping you a secret might make this a little hard for you two in terms of timing. The best thing is to find schedules that work for both of you to ensure that you get to talk to her without getting her into trouble. Be careful with the way that she acts in the relationship, that her behavior doesn’t ruin the relationship.

12# Go out of your way to treat her special

One way to have sex with a married woman is by showing her that you are the better option compared to what she already has. Put effort into planning dates and getting her gifts to remind her that she is special and wanted. This goes a long way if you’re trying to seduce an unhappy married woman! So go all out with the flowers, fancy restaurants and sentimental shows of affection.

13# Cherish every moment spent together

Knowing how to pick up married women involves ensuring that all the time you two spend together is valued. Given the circumstances, you might not meet up as long or frequently as possible. So take photos, buy souvenirs and do whatever it takes to ensure that you make those few moments together magical. Showing her how much this time together means will definitely earn you a lot of points with her.

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