Sexy Jobs: 10 Most Attractive Jobs for Online Dating

Dating Tips / Monday, November 5th, 2018

Online dating can be tricky, and you need to play your cards right if you want to get anything out of the experience. There are many variables involved in determining your likelihood of online dating success. It isn’t just about looking good and having killer charm. Potential daters consider a lot of other things when making that decision on whether or not to invest in the relationship.

One of the most important of these factors is your line of work. Now don’t go jumping into conclusions that everyone on dating sites is a gold digger looking for a wealthy partner. People with dishonest intentions aren’t the reason your job title is so important. Below is more information on why people pay attention to this detail and what jobs will get you far in the online dating scene.

Why does what you do matter?

People looking for love online have very little information to go on when deciding who to express interest in. Your line of work offers unique insight that makes this choice a whole lot easier. Below are 3 of the main things that people can tell about you from your job title.

Income and lifestyle

Your job title may not be a copy of your yearly income report, but it is as close as strangers get to figuring out how much you make. Income is important for most people looking to settle as financial stability is considered a major positive selling point. However, it is important to note that this isn’t always an accurate indicator. I mean in a day and age where the internet runs everything you can have a simple entrepreneur or artist making way more than people in mainstream careers.

Unique talents and skills

If you are artistic, people-oriented or gifted in any other way, it usually shows regarding your preferred line of work. Sharing this information allows potential online partners to get a rough idea of what makes you happy and what you are generally good at. Note that only applies if you are in a line of work that you enjoy and are passionate about.

How much time you have on your hands

Online daters also consider your job title to determine availability. If you work as a pilot, it shows you are smart and probably well off, but it means that physical meetups may be few and far between. This aspect of your job title will matter mainly to people who truly value spending not only quality but also quantity time with their partners.

Ten job titles that could get you a date

It is pretty clear so far that the reasons why your job title is such a big deal are pretty reasonable. With that, here are five professions for girls and guys each that typically garner more interest.

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Attractive Jobs for Women According To Men


Women who run their own businesses are hot commodities in the online dating universe. It shows that you are strong, independent and capable of handling hard times. So whether you run a multinational organization or a homemade cupcake business, you need to be proud of that title. It just might catch you your prince charming.


model is an attractive job

It should come as no surprise that models get a lot of attention on online dating sites. In a system based mainly on initial attraction, this title validates your potential suitor’s choice.

Most healthcare professions

Healthcare professionals mainly include nurses, therapists, doctors, and physical therapists. These careers above all else are an indicator of high IQ which is an attractive quality in the online dating scene according to Business Insider. They also indicate a desire to take care of others which is also a great selling point for women.

PR and communications

This title is popular with people interested in the more outspoken and outgoing personality types. They are instantly drawn to these titles and other like event planning that involve dealing with people.


The reasons for the popularity of this job title are very many and variable. Some people like women teachers because they are smart and caring. Others like the general organized nature of people within this profession. Whatever it is, there is no denying the fact that teachers have it good on online dating sites.

Attractive Jobs for Men According To Women

Any profession in healthcare

Here, doctor, surgeon, and paramedics take top spots as the most popular. They are commonly associated with a take-charge personality, high IQ and of course an impressive bank account.

Engineer or architect

These guys are really popular because of their smarts and artistic gifts. The fact that these guys make a decent amount doesn’t also hurt their chances. So if this is your line of work, then you have a lot to celebrate.


For the longest time now firefighters have been associated with extreme masculinity and attractiveness. It is no wonder that they get more action than most other guys with different job titles.

TV/Radio personality

Not many people would turn down the opportunity to date a celebrity. Dating one opens up a lot of doors for you whether it is career opportunities or access to exclusive events.


It is particularly popular as a title if it includes the word ‘professional.’ It is a powerful title that carries the promise not only of financial stability but physical chemistry as most athletes are super-hot.