Pros and Cons of Online Dating in 2023

Harsh Realities of Online Dating in 2018

Everyone is into online dating these days, and it’s no wonder.

Who doesn’t want a happy ending?

However, these platforms hold more than just promises of eternal love. They are chock full of unfortunate realities that you need to prepare yourself for.

We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of online dating. That way, nothing, good or bad, will surprise you while on your journey to find love on the internet.

The pros of online dating

Everyone’s doing it

Gone are the days when online dating was considered something weird that only desperate people did.

Today, everyone is doing it, and it has become completely normal to have successful offline relationships that started online.

As more people get comfortable with the idea of online dating, the stigma behind it is disappearing too. No reason to worry about getting judged!

Lots and lots of eligible singles

One of the benefits of online dating is that these platforms have millions of singles across different niches and various parts of the world.

In fact, a 2020 report stated that 3 in 10 people have active online profiles. This is a whole other level of plenty of fish in the sea!

With so many options, you are pretty much guaranteed a chance to find the perfect match for yourself. You just have to be patient and trust the process.

You can meet people you’d never cross paths with

We all have a type, and while it is important to know exactly what we want in other people, sticking to one cut-and-paste type can be very limiting.

Online dating opens you up to possibilities you may never have considered or encountered in real life. It could be different cultures, backgrounds, or personalities.

This kind of exposure will definitely surprise you, and you just might discover connections with people you would never have approached in real life and even more if you hang out on these weird dating websites.

Very convenient, even for busy professionals

Sometimes finding love offline can be very taxing, both physically and in terms of time. This is particularly the case if you have a hectic lifestyle.

This is why online dating is good – you have the convenience of looking for love anywhere and at any time that suits you!

That way, you get to enjoy the flexibility of chatting with someone new or checking out some profiles between meetings or even on your commute.

Sophisticated matching algorithms

The concept of sifting through all the potential matches online can be quite overwhelming. However, there are several sites with advanced algorithms designed to streamline your experience and maximize your chances of finding the ideal match.

So, you do not even have to do too much work! Just be honest about yourself and what you want and let the experts find you your ideal other half.

You can take your time

There is no rushing when it comes to online dating. Literally no one expects it!

You do not have to swipe if you are not ready. You do not have to chat if you aren’t comfortable enough yet. And most importantly, you don’t have to meet anyone offline until you get to that headspace.

And if someone isn’t willing to wait for you to be ready, you have plenty of other options to choose from.

It is a chance to step out of your comfort zone safely

Online dating requires vulnerability, but there is beauty in the illusion of safety and control created by the online space. You have a chance to step out of your comfort zone without being too exposed.

Whether you are afraid of approaching girls or opening up about your emotions, online dating platforms have a way of putting you at ease.

It is a low-pressure environment

It is an unwritten rule in online dating that there is no pressure to do anything. You do not have to find love – you could just make friends or go for something casual.

What matters the most is that you are honest about your intentions, and you should be accepted.

There is someone for everyone

It doesn’t matter how unlucky you have been in love out there.

Maybe it is your personal beliefs that block your chances. It could be fetishes and preferences that are considered odd.

Perhaps one of the most important pros of online dating is that there is someone for everyone. You just have to find a niche site that caters to your specific needs!

The cons of online dating

It doesn’t always work out

You will meet a lot of interesting characters while online dating. You will like many of them. You will fall in love with some of them.

However, the truth is that not all of the relationships that you choose to invest in will work out. Moreover, online dating can be very exhausting!

That doesn’t mean that you have failed at life or that you are destined to be alone forever. It just means that you haven’t met the right person yet, and there is still some hope.

Read this article of you think that you need to take a break from dating.

There are plenty of ghost profiles

Many people create and abandon online dating profiles. You might be unfortunate enough to fall for what you see on one of these profiles only to find out that the person is no longer online.

You might also end up being the victim of “ghosting.” Ghosting is the term to describe a situation where someone you’ve been talking to for a while suddenly disappears.

Unfortunately, the only thing to do when this happens is to brush yourself off and move on.

There are all sorts of creeps

One of the bad things about online dating is that this world is full of unusual characters.

And we don’t mean the quirky and lovable weirdoes with unconventional interests.

We are talking about real creepy people whose intentions on these platforms may not always be the best. They include perverts, stalkers, and even scammers.

Not all is always as it seems

That applies mainly to those perfect dating profiles you may stumble upon. You might think someone is perfect based on their photos and personal description.

They are drop-dead gorgeous and seem to have pretty cool interests. However, it is essential to remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Before you go falling head over heels, take your time to get to know the person and find out what more they have to offer.

It promotes superficial attitudes

Online dating brings out the worst in you in that it promotes shallowness. After all, isn’t it just a tad bit superficial to choose to talk to someone based entirely on looks?

It’s not the worst thing, though, as even with offline dating, physical attraction plays a significant role in you determining who to engage with.

Not everyone you’ll like will like you back

Be ready for rejection because it is inevitable in online dating. You might end up liking someone only to find out they want nothing to do with you. The most important thing is to remember that there is nothing wrong with you. They just aren’t a good match!

Old dating rules are just weightless suggestions

Remember the gender roles and exclusivity rules with traditional dating setups? Online dating completely disregards them. The only faithfully followed rule is to follow your heart.

It’s a liar-liar-pants-on-fire world out there

You need to have your bullshit radar turned on when venturing into online dating as there are many liars out there. People will lie about everything from their identities to the reasons their past relationship ended.

So, do not be too quick to trust anyone based merely on what they tell you.

Not all singles are actually single

Another one of the disadvantages of online dating is that not everyone signed up on these platforms is actually single. You might find yourself falling for someone married or already in a relationship. It is not very common, but it is not entirely unheard of.

One of the best ways to figure out that someone is trying to fool you is by keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior and red flags. You should also move the date offline as soon as possible, and when the time is right, ask to meet their friends and family.

If you are feeling extra paranoid and you have invested a lot emotionally, there is nothing wrong with going all psycho and hiring a PI to confirm you are the only one in his/her life.

It can be overwhelming

It can get emotionally and even physically overwhelming going through all those profiles and keeping contact with all the matches you are interested in. When it starts to feel more like a job than actual fun, it may be time to take a break and recover before you suffer online dating burnout.

Too much choice

Sometimes having too many options is not the best thing. This could confuse you and have you doubting your beliefs, expectations, and standards.

The best thing to do is to slow things down and focus on as few people as possible at a time. That way, you also get to give every match a fair and undistracted chance.


Clearly, online dating has a lot to offer you if you have been looking for love with no success. With all the variety, convenience, and freedom you can expect from it, finding love may be easier than you ever thought.

However, it is important to realize that it is not all right swipes and happily ever afters. A lot could go wrong as well.

As much as you need to put yourself out there, you also have to be wary of the possible pitfalls. Accepting all the online dating pros and cons, you should be in a great position to get the most out of the experience.

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