8 Red Flags To Look Out For When Dating Someone New

Relationships & Love / Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Don’t be blinded by new love

You have just found someone that you think is the one. Before you go all in, please take a moment to rub those hearts off your eyes and see them for who they truly are. If you took your time getting to know them, then there might not be much to put you off your new-found romance. However, there is a good chance you might find a thing or two that show it is not going to work. Here are eight red flags that you need to always keep an eye out for when dating someone new. That way, you do not have to worry about any nasty surprises down the line.

Red flags you can’t afford to ignore when dating someone new

1. Lack of respect for your boundaries

Having boundaries is an important part of life. It could be anything from sexual limits to personal space. What is even more important is ensuring that the people we let into our lives not only understand but also respect them. If your new beau is having trouble with this, then you might want to cut them loose.

2. The ‘you owe me’ complex

Entitlement is one of the most annoying personality traits a human being can have. If you identify this in your new partner, then you should consider finding yourself an exit strategy. However, this is one of the few red flags that you can work on as a couple. All you have to do is be willing to open up about how annoying their behavior is. The best part is that the entitlement is often subconscious and once the person is made aware they can dial it down a notch.

3. They suck at communication

If it is easier to get tears from a rock than it is to get your new lover to open up, then you are in for the storm of your life. Healthy relationships work because of a foundation of consistent and open communication. It is, therefore, something you cannot afford to ignore.
It is not about how often they talk to you. It is about whether or not your partner is willing to open up and let you in on what they think or feel. If you have to fight and beg for this basic relationship need then pack your bags and hit the road, Jack.

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4. Lies, lies and more lies

It is early in the relationship, and you have already caught them in more than one lie. You can bet your bottom dollar that it is only going to get worse. Lying is one of those non-negotiable red flags that once identified should have you running for your life.

5. A questionable history they aren’t open about

We all have a past and baggage from it. However, someone who isn’t willing to talk about their demons is someone who hasn’t dealt with them. That will cause major issues in your relationship in the future and is, therefore, something you cannot afford to sweep under the rug.

6. Constant clashes with friends and family

It is important for a relationship to stand on its own and independent of public opinion. However, there are times where it is better to listen to your loved ones than to your heart. If the arguments they make against the relationship seem valid and unbiased, then you might want to listen.

7. A self-centered mentality

It is always about them, their life, their day and their feelings. If this is the story of your current relationship, then do not expect it to change as you continue dating. A selfish person will always be a selfish person so the only solution if this bothers you, is to leave.

8. A dismissive attitude

Do you feel like you are constantly being belittled and dismissed by your new significant other? It is a sign that they do not respect you or your opinions. It is a major red flag that will leave you the constant underdog in the relationship.

Bottom line

These eight red flags are vital to consider as they are often indicators of hard times to come ahead. More often than not, identifying even one of them should be enough of a sign that you need to leave while you still can. However, it is entirely up to you to decide exactly what you want to do and where you want the relationship to head. Just make sure that you make a decision that you are ready to live with.