9 Fun Long-Distance Relationship Games to Try Right Now

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Long-distance relationships are hard, and it takes a very committed couple to keep it strong. Fortunately, with constant improvements in technology, there are now new options to keep the fun alive! One of these fun things to do online is playing different long-distance relationship games.

Today, I will go through several different fun exercises and games to play long-distance, as well as some activities to participate in over Skype or on the phone.

Scrabble/Words with Friends/Other Word Games


Many of you have probably heard of the game ‘Words with Friends.’ It’s an app you can download to your phone where you play word games with others who you can connect with via your phone number or through social media.

There are several different variations of this game available, starting with the old classic, Scrabble. Crossword puzzles or word finds also make great long-distance games.

NBA/NFL/Other Sports Games

For those who love a good, athletic competition, there are many different sports games out there to try. Because so many of them are now streamed, you can play them within the comfort of your own home. All that while still playing with friends (or significant others) who are located all over the world.

Virtual Escape Rooms

These are great games to play long-distance for anyone who likes a little bit of a thrill! Just like escape rooms that are now popping up all over the country, you can find many different options online depending on what type of situation you want to play in.

While certain escape rooms may involve a little murder mystery, other more neutral ones can even be played with any kids who are around as well.

Card Games

Ldr Games To Play

Everyone knows that online Poker has been an option for years. While many people like to play to earn some extra cash, other options don’t take real money if you want to play for fun.

There are other card games to play long-distance, such as Uno & Friends and different versions of Solitaire like FreeCell or Spider Solitaire. Or why not incorporate sexy board games or card decks into your date night? It makes a great sex gift idea for long distance relationships couples.


Trivia is an old school favorite for many, and this can be done in so many different ways. Not only are there apps, such as Trivia Crack, but you can play various trivia over Skype and the phone as well.

Fan favorites such as Trivial Pursuit or even Disney and Movie Trivia are great board games that can be played near or far apart.

If you want to get extra creative, you can even make up your own games to play on the phone with your boyfriend and make your own themes out of it!

Skype Charades

While this is one you can’t do over the phone, charades are great games to play over Skype! Online games can get repetitive at times, so it is fun to come up with some alternatives.

This old school favorite is a great way to get out of your chair and be creative with your ideas. It also may be fun to use a video app, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts, and get other friends in on the fun as well.

Dance Off!


For those who like to dance or get moving a bit more, a dance party is a fun way to enjoy some time with your significant other. Think Dance, Dance Revolution, but virtual! Come up with your own dances to compete against each other or find some new ones online to try.

Different dances or even your own dance class are other great games to play over Skype.


Ldr Exercise For Couples

There are hundreds of different workout apps these days, or if you’re good at creating your own workouts, you could share that with your long-distance partner too.

Working out together is also a great way to boost your adrenaline and get that dopamine flowing, which is the hormone that makes you happy. Exercising has been scientifically proven to boost those happiness hormones, which is excellent for someone who may be struggling with the blues of making a relationship work long-distance.

Online Fitness Apps like Fizz Up can help you build the perfect fitness program for you and your loved one.

Drinking Games

It may not be an option for everyone, but for those who like to have some extra fun drinking and want to make a game out of it, drinking games can be a great time!

A couple of examples of this could be drinking every time a particular song lyric is sung or even a quote that gets repeated often while you’re watching a movie together. As always, drink responsibly.

Wrapping It Up

There, folks, are nine different fun activities and games to play in a long-distance relationship. Find even more on here!

Relationships are hard enough, but adding extra distance between you can make things even harder. Enjoying some time together over Skype, phone, or even just a different gaming app can help keep the fun alive, so you don’t lose that spark that you are working so hard to maintain.

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