How to Know if a Married Woman Likes You More than a Friend

How To Know If A Married Woman Likes You More Than A Friend

Dating a married woman comes with a lot of perks, from their life experiences to their maturity. However, before making your move, you need to be sure that’s she’s interested in you.

To help you out, here is a list of things that should tell you a married woman likes you more than a friend.

How to tell if a married woman is interested in you

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She’s not shy about flirting

One of the most obvious signs that a married woman is attracted to you is flirting. In this case, we are talking more about conversation flirting. But is it okay to flirt while in a relationship?

She will not shy away from talking about fun and even raunchy things with you. It may be thinly veiled as “good fun,” but it is often a sign that getting with you is something she has considered.

But she gets nervous when you’re around

A married woman who likes you may find herself inexplicably shy and nervous when she is around you. It is easier to notice with women who are typically more confident in themselves under normal circumstances.

You may find that she suddenly gets physically flustered with telltale signs, including intense blushing.

It could also be her body language, behavior, and how she talks that clue you in about your presence giving her the nerves. She may stutter or find herself at a loss on what to say. And if she finds the words, they may come out all mixed up and incomprehensible. 

Once you are away, she will go back to her normal, confident self.

She’s restless around you

Another simple way how to tell if a married woman is in love with you is to observe how she behaves around you. Nonverbal cues are invaluable when trying to figure out where they stand with you.

One thing that gives most of them away is restlessness around you. You may notice her twiddling her thumbs or even playing with random objects with no specific motive.

That is usually a sign that she likes you and is nervous around you, and her restlessness is a way to wind those nerves down.

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How to Know if a Married Woman Likes You More than a Friend 1

She’s playing with her hair

Women subconsciously play with their hair when they are in the presence of guys that they like. This is actually one of the most obvious signs a married woman is interested in you.

She may be playing with her hair out of nervousness. It gives her a way to subconsciously work out her nervous energy while she is around you.

A married woman playing with her hair around you could also be something that she does on purpose to flirt with you. It may include not just twirling her hair in her figures but also seductively flipping it over her back.

She gives you lots and lots of compliments

Women are typically very forthcoming when it comes to giving compliments to people both in a platonic and romantic way. The best way to tell that her compliments are a sign of romantic interest is through the contents of those compliments.

If the compliments that a married woman is giving you are heavily centered on your physical appearance, the chances are that there is some romantic intention behind them.

It could also be very random compliments that no one else in your life seems to notice or comment on. These show that the married woman likes you enough to pay attention to the small stuff.

She calls or texts you at odd hours

A married woman, especially if she still lives in her marital home, does not have the freedom or time to call you at what is considered normal hours of the day. That only leaves time for calls and texts at very odd hours of the day or in the evenings.

This happens as they try to fit you into their often chaotic lives without raising suspicion or getting into any kind of trouble in their homes.

If you are also interested in her, this unusual timing is something you will have to learn to get used to and go along with.

Her texts are intimate and suggestive

In addition to the timing of the texts and calls, what she writes/tells you could also give you clues on whether or not a married woman is interested in being with you romantically.

If she likes you, her texts and phone calls will be very intimate and suggestive. It could be something as simple as flirty texts to bold moves like sending you raunchy photos and videos.

These are usually signs of sexual interest, especially if she is the one initiating that kind of conversation. If you are also interested, just go with it and make her feel comfortable. 

She giggles a lot

Girls may not readily admit to it, but their laughter changes when they laugh at a crush’s jokes. It is usually a giggle-like laugh that is super cute.

Again, this shows that she is shy and a little nervous around you, which could be due to her interest in pursuing something with you.

She laughs at all of your jokes

We all like to think of ourselves as funny. Whether or not you actually are a funny guy, you could always tell if a married woman likes you based on whether she laughs at your jokes, especially the bad ones.

It is a simple enough clue to try out if you don’t really know where you stand with her. Try cracking a really bad joke when she is around, especially if there is company. If she laughs or smiles and the others don’t, then she probably really likes you.

She doesn’t mention her husband

The husband topic is very touchy when it comes to dealing with committed women as potential lovers. To put it simply, a happily married woman will hardly ever shut up about her guy.

On the other hand, if it is a topic that she never brings up, it might be something she is trying to keep out of her mind. If the flirting is there and there is obvious chemistry, you should also not bring it up yourself.

But she talks about her marriage

Marriage is usually a sore spot for most women interested in extramarital romantic relationships. That is why it is very easy to tell that a married woman likes you if she is comfortable talking about her marriage and love life with you.

It shows that she trusts you and considers your friendship or relationship with her a safe space where she can share pretty much anything she is going through.

She may talk about the good parts of her marriage or the struggles that she is going through to keep things working. Whatever the case, your job as a friend, is to listen and be as supportive as you can.  

She starts to seem more nurturing around you

A married woman may also show her love and interest in you by taking care of you. Their nurturing instincts will kick in when they start to develop feelings for you, and she will either consciously or subconsciously take it upon herself to take care of you.

It could be helping you run errands, taking care of you when you are ill, or generally looking out for you to make sure that you are also taking good care of yourself.

So no, she isn’t asking if you already ate dinner out of curiosity. She actually cares and wants to make sure that you are truly ok.

She wants to know everything about you

Romantic interest has a way of unlocking the curiosity in women. So, you may find a married woman going out of her way to find out as much about you as she can if she likes or loves you.

She will ask you personal questions because she wants to know you better. It could be questions about your childhood, your interest, or even your romantic past.

She may also find other ways to get to know you, like cyberstalking or getting friendly with your friends.

Married women do this to figure out whether or not you would be a great match and worth risking it all for.  

And she confides in you

Most relationships with committed women start as very strong friendships. She will start to confide in you and tell you very deep and personal things.

That is great as it shows that she is not just interested in you as a physical fling but also on a deeper, emotional level.

She gets jealous when you talk to other women

Another one of the signs a married woman is romantically interested in you is if she gets jealous when you talk to or about another woman.

If you are in constant physical contact for something like school or she’s your co-worker at an office, this will be very easy to pick up. She may get passive-aggressive towards you, or other women that she thinks are getting too cozy around you.

If you are not often together, you may notice the mood and behavior changes when you bring up another person in your life in your conversations with the married woman.

This jealousy shows that she is truly invested in you and wants you all to herself.


She always wants to see or hang out with you

A married woman is often a busy woman, whether or not they have kids. So if she constantly asks to hang out or talk, then she is most likely very interested. That shows you are a priority to her, and she wants to spend quality time despite having so much going on in her life.

She finds excuses to be near you

Another common thing that married women who are interested in a relationship do is finding reasons to be around you. She will find whatever excuse she can to get close to you. Some of the common go-to excuses are:

  • trying to help you with something
  • getting your help with an issue she is struggling with

She will also do her best to make the most of whatever time she gets with you. Saying goodbye will be particularly difficult even without you two acknowledging the relationship as a romantic one.

She’s looking for reasons to talk to you

If she cannot find a good enough excuse to spend time with you, she will settle for the next best thing, which is talking to you. It could be a phone call, a text, or even a formally scheduled meeting.

Married women will do this to get to spend time with you getting to know you better. One way or another, the conversation will lead to more social and romantic topics, with her trying to bond and flirt with you.

It is a very easy clue to pick up on if you and the married woman do not run in the same social or professional circles as she will have to go out of her way to talk to you.

Intense eye contact

Another tip on how to tell if a married woman is attracted to you is to try and maintain eye contact. If she doesn’t hold the gaze or seems distant when she does it, she is probably not interested in anything more than friendship. However, if she looks back intently and passionately while biting her lips, she probably wants more.

It’s in her body language

If you want to figure out how to tell if a married woman is interested in you, you also need to pay attention to her body language and keep an eye out for physical cues. More often than not, an interested woman has no concept of personal space. She will do everything she can to get your attention – lean in, find ways to touch you, and always welcome physical contact from you.

Her tone of voice will change when talking to you

They say that a woman’s voice goes up a few octaves when talking to a man she likes. It may sound a bit farfetched, but it is actually true.

A married woman who is interested in you will unwittingly end up talking to you in a higher-pitched voice. This is usually subconscious and happens as an automatic display of their femininity to get you attracted to them.

A great way to pick up on this clue is to compare how she talks to you versus how she talks to other men in her life or your shared social circles. 

She tells you she misses you

Platonic friends do not make a habit of telling each other how often they miss each other. If a married woman keeps telling you that she misses you, she is probably very interested in taking your friendship to the next, romantic level.

They may express their longing to see you or talk to you again despite you spending only a small amount of time apart from each other.

This shows that she is starting to get very invested in the relationship and truly enjoys spending time with you, whether or not it is in person.

She will straight up tell you

One of the best things about dating a married woman, according to Amber from QueenOfAffairs, is that they are mature and rarely have time to waste. It is especially the case with older ladies. They will usually get straight to the point and tell you what they feel and want from you.

Bottom line

With all these tips on how to know if a married woman wants you, all you have to do is be observant! Paying attention to her behavior and the things she says will give you an idea of what you are in for. If all signs point towards reciprocated interest, then make your move!

Now go ahead and read our guide to seduce a married woman.

They will not stay interested too long, and the last thing you want is to lose your chance.

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