Dating Swedish Men: Top Tips for Meeting Swedish Guys


Sweden is one of the most stunning of all the Scandinavian countries. Whether it is the captivating medieval architecture in Stockholm or the icy paradise of Kiruna, this country does not disappoint.

Speaking of eye candy, have you seen the 9th wonder of the world that is Swedish men? If yes, then you won’t find it surprising that they are the most popular in the international dating scene, especially in Northern Europe!

Below is more on what to expect when dating a Swedish man and why it might just be the best decision for your love life.

What to expect when dating a Swedish man

Great physical appearance

Swedish men are doing well for themselves as far as looks, and physical attractiveness is concerned:

Most of them have pretty typical Scandinavian features, including blonde hair and blue eyes. They tend to be very tall, strongly built, and with very masculine facial features. In short – Swedish guys are handsome!

To give you a better idea of what you can expect in terms of looks, here are some of the most famous Swedish men.

  • Alexander Skarsgård – Actor
  • Henrik Lundkvist – Ice hockey player
  • Benjamin Eidem – Model
  • Fares Fares – Actor
  • Alexander Karim – Actor & writer
  • Prince Carl Philip

Calm personalities

Swedish guys are generally not very talkative and tend to be predominantly calm and laid back. It doesn’t matter how accomplished he is; he will probably be very humble and avoid being flashy at all costs.

Because of this personality trait, they happen to be very difficult to impress. So no, that designer bag or perfect face of makeup won’t catch his eye. Instead, they are more likely to be influenced by intangible things like:

  • Punctuality
  • Respect
  • Independence
  • Intelligence and being articulate
  • Appreciation for art, music, and culture

Strong personal values

These guys are meticulous planners. They love a good detailed schedule and rules, and will almost always stick to them. So if you are looking for spontaneity, then you might be a little disappointed here.

In line with their love for rules and order, these men are very faithful and loyal to the women they commit to. He will treat you with respect and allow you to make your plans. It doesn’t matter whether it is something as simple as the next day’s dinner plans or your long-term goals.

In short – you will be dating a super organized feminist.

They treat women as equal partners

In Sweden, men are taught from an early age how to treat women. The result? A perfect combination of chivalry and feminism. He will spoil you with his gentleman ways with everything from picking up the tab to opening doors. However, this does not in any way mean that he sees you as some weak little damsel in need of saving.

They view women as equally powerful and respectable. So he won’t expect you to quit your job for the family; neither will he make funny comments about you not being able to do something because you are a girl. Instead, you will be treated with the utmost respect and honor. And if you want to pay the bill every once in a while, he will definitely not be threatened or object to it.

They love helping out

Swedish men are incredibly kind and helpful. You will see this whether they are dealing with their friends, family, or complete strangers. A Swedish guy is the kind of guy who will go out of his way to do a favor for a friend. He is the type of guy to do even the most uncomfortable or inconvenient of favors for you.

To them, serving the ones that they love is the ultimate display of affection and concern. This also happens to be how they receive love. So if you want to get into his heart quick, then there is one way to do it – be kind.

Love for the outdoors

Something else you need to be prepared for if you are considering dating a Swedish guy is that these men really love the outdoors. But then again, who wouldn’t if they were surrounded by a natural wonderland like Sweden?

What’s more, is that they expect the people they date to share the same enthusiasm for outdoor activities and adventure in general. So if your safe space is your couch and TV you might want to consider a major change – many of your dates will be centered on outdoor activities.

The good news is that Sweden is a wonderful place to be outdoors and has numerous activities to try out. So whether you are canoeing or kayaking on river Klarälven or you are cycling along a trail in Orebro, you are bound to have a great time.

They’re proud of their culture

Men from Sweden are proud of their culture. If you give him a chance, he will go on and on about his beautiful country and its rich history. They are fans of their local cuisine. So go to every date hungry and be prepared to be stuffed with everything from pickled fish to fruit soups.

Expectations for their partners

Every Swedish guy wants something different from the woman he chooses to settle with in terms of personality and appearance. However, when it comes to values, they all pretty much want the same thing:

  • He wants you to be honest and loyal because that is exactly what he will bring to the table.
  • He wants you to be a strong and independent woman with whom he can build an empire.
  • And finally, he will need you to be patient and understanding because they do love and relationships a little bit differently in Sweden.

The romance and dating culture in Sweden


Wait, what do you mean they do things differently there?

We’re glad you asked because you might be in for a bit of a shock!

In Sweden, most men and women do not hold labels and formal relationships to very high regard. Sweden happens to be one of the countries in the world with the most significant number of happily single people.

They are also not the most romantic of guys in terms of grand gestures. That, however, does not mean that they are opposed to settling down. Not at all. They like to take things slow and play it casual until they are sure they want to commit long term.

So how do you deal with this?

  • Be patient.
  • Do not try and force anyone to commit.
  • Enjoy the journey to the promised land.
  • Learn to initiate when you want romantic experiences.
  • Teach him how you want to be loved.

Why dating Swedish guys is a great idea?

  • Swedes are very liberal and generally open to trying anything new in terms of love and relationship.
  • They are fiercely loyal, so you don’t have to worry too much about infidelity once you both commit.
  • They treat women with respect and honor and will not try to tie you down to any traditional roles or expectations.
  • Dating Swedish men means you get a chance to visit and maybe eventually settle down in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
  • They take dating seriously and will most likely have long term goals for your relationship.
  • They are reliable and very protective in all ways: physically, emotionally, and even financially.
  • They are in touch with their sexuality and always up for a good time, whether casual or in a relationship.

Bottom line

Swedish guys, like Eastern European men, have a lot to offer. They ooze masculinity and strength with their incredible looks and air of mystery. You are definitely in for a treat if you manage to grab one for yourself!

However, you might have to adjust to the inevitable culture shock regarding their romance and international dating traditions. Once you get over the limited PDA and slow progress, though, you will have what is probably the best relationship you have ever been in!

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