What to Expect When Dating Scottish Men & How to Know if a Guy Likes You

Dating A Scottish Man

Scottish guys have an air of old-world charm and mystery that draws women towards them. There is just something intrinsically drool-worthy about the bagpipers and highlanders from Scotland. The likes of Sean Connery (“The name’s Bond. James Bond.”) and Gerard Butler have charmed ladies around the world for years.

Thanks to their irresistibly husky voice, old-world English accent, and the country’s overall artistic appeal, dating a man from this country can be a unique experience.

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Why should you date a guy from Scotland?

Despite this being a subjective choice, here are a few of the most prominent characteristics that make Scottish men stand out from others:

Their sexy accent

Scottish accent clearly stands out from that of other English-speaking countries. Even though you don’t fully understand everything that is said, it is really cool and turns heads. It carries an element of roughness, and that’s what makes it super sexy.

They love adventure

Chances are your date was brought up in the countryside, playing with animals at the family farms in the Highlands. They are nature lovers, and the country’s natural landscape is the perfect setting for a romantic date. They would likely take you hiking and on long road trips.

They honor their traditions

As Scottish guys embrace the global culture, the kilt is not visible often. However, come a wedding or any other cultural event, and everyone shows up in their traditional attire. They love their culture, and it is an important part of their life. It might well take you back in time and romanticize the mood.

What to Expect When Dating Scottish Men & How to Know if a Guy Likes You 1


They love to throw fun parties

Scots are very proud of their rich culture, thanks to the country’s status as the cultural capital of Europe. There are no half measures when it comes to parties. There will be plenty of celebrations, and your date would happily show you around the country. Make the most of it, soak in the culture and enjoy the good times.

What are Scottish men like?

Meet A Scottish Guy

While being traditional, Scottish guys are always up for fun times, which is apparent in their characteristics listed below:

Humorous and hospitable

The Scotts are amongst the friendliest and most welcoming people around. If you’re an American woman dating a Scottish guy, expect to meet a lot of family members and friends.

They are known to be warm, and you are guaranteed to be treated well. Scotts are known for their good old banter so expect to be entertained at all times, even though you might find yourself at the center of their jokes!

Always up for a dance

Scottish customs have an Irish influence, evolving over centuries to take the form of ceilidh, their traditional social gathering marked by music and dance.

Dating a Scottish man means you will have many occasions to experience this culture, and your partner will never be too far to show you the moves.


Brought up in extreme Scottish weather, the men have inherited an extra bit of masculinity. They are not shy of venturing out into the cold or rain or protecting their dates from it.

There’s a reason the country was voted the manliest nation on the planet. What better way of finding out than by dating a Scottish dude?

Family values

Scots, proudly flaunt their heritage and traditions, no matter where they are in the world. They are grounded, and their tartans have a pattern to show and the clan they are affiliated to. Family values really come to the fore during important events such as weddings.

Perfect gentlemen

Your Scot date is brought up in a closely-knit family and knows how to treat women. Expect the fast-disappearing chivalry and prepared to be amazed by the warmth of the traditional Celtic charm. They would treat you like a queen.

Purposeful and passionate

Dating in Scotland is very different from other parts of the world, especially in North America. Do not take your man’s warm, friendly nature for granted. Know the following unwritten rules, and you’ll have smooth sailings.

Where To Meet Guys in Scotland?

eharmony – The Best Dating Site to Meet Scottish Guys

Ladies, if you’re dreaming of finding a charming Scottish gentleman, let me introduce you to eHarmony! As a dating expert, I can vouch for this popular platform’s focus on helping you find meaningful, long-term relationships with its comprehensive matchmaking system.

eHarmony’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, and their detailed personality assessment ensures that you’ll be matched with compatible Scottish lads. The guided communication and icebreaker “Smiles” feature will help you break the ice and start building a connection.

Keep in mind, though, eHarmony doesn’t offer search functionality like other sites. Instead, they provide a curated list of potential matches based on compatibility, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on your preferences.

While eHarmony does offer free memberships, I recommend splurging on a Premium membership for access to unlimited messaging, an expanded list of matches, and other exclusive features. Prices range from $10 to $60 per month, depending on the package and promotions available.

So, what’s the verdict? If you’re serious about finding a lasting connection with a dashing Scotsman, eHarmony’s emphasis on compatibility makes it a strong choice. However, be prepared for a slightly higher price point and a time-consuming questionnaire. If you’re willing to invest the time and money, eHarmony might just be your ticket to love in the Highlands!

Must-know dating customs in the country

Dating in Scotland is very different from other parts of the world, especially North America. Do not take your man’s warm, friendly nature for granted. Know the following unwritten rules, and you’ll have smooth sailings.

Be ready for adventure

Sottish Guy

Scotland is arguably the most beautiful country on Earth, and Scottish people love to show others around.

If you’re wondering what kind of women do Scottish men like, then the answer is adventurous ones! Your man will want to take you hiking, camping in the Highlands, or for a similar adventure, so you better be ready!

Prepare for an all-weather date

We literally mean all weather here. You might be out in sunshine one moment, flaunting your sexy dress. It’ll start raining cats and dogs a few minutes down the line, leaving you running for cover. Carrying rain jackets is highly recommended, no matter what time of year it is.

Early family meets

Scottish guys are very close to their families, and unlike in the USA, it is usual for guys to invite their date home early. Do not freak out when that happens. It is normal, and they are very hospitable people. It is an opportunity to know them better.

Men can be shy!

Their rough exterior and tough upbringing aside, your date might take his own time in opening up. Do not take it as ignorance. Give him the benefit of the doubt and make him comfortable by being the conversation starter. It’ll help calm him down.

Mix with people

Scots usually have their favorite bar, grocery store, restaurant, and everything else. They are extremely local – which is why nearly everyone in their locality would greet you both. Just play along and reciprocate their warmth rather than acting like a snob.

How can you tell if a Scottish guy likes you?

Scottish men are generally very friendly, so it can be a bit difficult to tell whether he is just being nice or if he actually likes you and is making his moves.

To help you out, here are some of the most common signs of how to know if a Scottish man likes you short of telling you outright. That way, you no longer have to play the guessing game.

He’s showing open and affectionate body language

Scottish men are very expressive whether they are talking about work, politics, or a weird encounter on the bus. This could work to your advantage when you are trying to figure out whether or not your Scottish crush has feelings for you.

You may notice little things like him having his hands spread out expressively and maintaining strong eye contact when talking to you. He may also be more handsy, touching your back or shoulder subconsciously when talking to you.

He will include you in his interests

If a Scottish man invites you to come to do something he is truly interested in, then he really must like you. Remember that despite being super friendly, these guys are notoriously reserved, especially around strangers and acquaintances.

So get out of your comfort zone and go dancing, hiking, or whatever else he asked you out to do. Doing this shows him you are just as interested in him as he is in you. Extra points for you if you actually end up liking the activity just as much as he does. 

He brings you to meet his family

Meeting the family early may be the norm in Scottish dating culture, but these men do not take just anyone to meet their families. So if you get that invite to the family barbeque or Sunday dinner, it means that your Scottish beau not only likes you but may actually love you and sees a future with you.

He teases you a lot

Scottish humor is all fun and games until you are the butt of his jokes. Just don’t take it too seriously, as a Scottish man teasing you is an almost full confirmation of their romantic interest in you.

It shows that he is comfortable being goofy around you and thus trusts you. Teasing also shows that your Scottish crush likes your sense of humour enough to know that you probably won’t take his playfulness too seriously.

He will cook for you

A Scottish guy may not be as big into cooking as Italians or Latinos, but food is still a big part of their culture. You can conclude that your Scottish crush likes you if they invite you over and make you classic Scottish treats like mac’ and cheese pies or the controversial deep-fried mars bars.

An invitation to the pub

The pub is a sacred place for most Scottish men. It is where they go to unwind after a long day at work. It is where they hang out with their closest buddies for a quick catchup.

Like family events, the pub is a place that a Scottish man will not invite just any woman. It is, therefore, one of the clearest signs that he really is into you.

He may share music and poetry with you

Scottish men may not look like the sappy poetry kind, but they are actually very romantic and often use poems and music to express their feelings.

If your Scottish love interest shares a song recommendation or a poem excerpt with you, don’t take it lightly. Listen closely for the message in the song or read between those poetic lines. That may just be how he chooses to let you know how he feels for you.


Scots guys are masculine, friendly, traditional, and humorous. This article should have answered your question about what Scottish men like in a woman – a little hint: the one who embraces their country, culture, and family.

Whether you are looking for short-term companionship or finding a life partner, dating a Scot would be a unique experience that you would cherish forever.

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