Romanian Girls Guide: Dating a Romanian Woman

Dating a Romanian Woman

If you ever visit Romania, you’re in for a treat with its majestic landscapes and Medieval-style cities. You’re also in for a treat with the curvy, gorgeous, and charismatic ladies who help populate this beautiful country.

But who am I to claim such things?

I’ve visited Bucharest a couple of times and paid a visit to a few towns along the Transylvanian mountains during the one week I spent there to go hiking. That’s also not to mention the several girls from Romania I’ve encountered during my worldly travels. 

Needless to say, I know a few things about what Romanian girls are like, and I want to help you.

In this guide, I’ll break down everything you need to know about dating a Romanian woman. 

What Are Romanian Girls Like 

People often say that girls from Eastern Europe can easily capture a man’s attention. I can tell you from experience the women from Romania are no exception and their beauty alone makes it worth visiting the country.

Romanian girls are drop-dead sexy, and it’s very difficult for men to resist them. You’ll notice this walking around the streets of Bucharest or any other city in Romania. If anything, you’ll probably extend your trip! 

You’re probably wondering, what makes Romanian women so beautiful? 

Why are Romanian women so beautiful?


Romanian ladies tend to have numerous physical attributes and characteristics that most men find highly desirable in a woman. 

Visualize attractive women who are tall, subtly athletic, curvy, and with long, straight hair. Some of these women are more olive-skinned with dark hair, while others are fairer-skinned with lighter colored hair, but almost all of them are drop-dead gorgeous. 

These are the kinds of girls you will see daily as you explore Romania. 

Women from Eastern Europe (such as Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Serbia, and Ukraine) are known worldwide for their good looks and highly desirable features. Romanians are a class of their own, and a big reason is because of their genetics. 

These genes stem from Romanians’ ethnic backgrounds. It’s a little-known fact that Romania is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. Throughout its history, the lands that became modern-day Romania were inhabited by the Slavs, the Scandinavians, the Romans, Western Europeans, and many others. 

Yet another reason Romanian girls are so beautiful is that they tend to put a lot of effort into improving their looks. It’s a part of Romanian culture for girls to take care of themselves, which is why you’ll see women looking picture-perfect all the time.

The personality of Romanian girls

Everyone has their unique personality, but there are a few traits that most Romanian girls share in common:


Romanian girls are hardworking and very family-oriented, thanks to their culture. The girl you date will have strong maternal instincts, and if you decide to build a life together, she’ll put her heart and soul into raising and taking care of your future family. 

They’re shy at first

When you first approach her or try to make a move, she’s likely to act a bit quiet and reserved initially. But the more you get to know her (and her you), the more the fun and outgoing part of her personality will start to reveal itself. 

Let me put it this way: Romanian girls need to become comfortable with their potential romantic partners, but they open up more and tell you what they think once they do. 

Affectionate and caring

And as her trust with you deepens further, she’ll become more warm and affectionate with you as well. That is why Romanian girls make excellent wives or life partners: they’ll be respectful, loyal, industrious, and loving all at the same time. 

Where Can You Meet Romanian Girls 

Here are my recommendations on the best places to meet girls after you’ve arrived in Romania:


The bars and clubs in the capital city of Bucharest provide plenty of opportunities for meeting women. 

These tourist cities are also worth a try:

Just remember that it’s not uncommon for Romanian girls to be a bit reserved at first when men approach them. She could even come across as a bit cautious and hesitant. But that’s okay! 

Approach her respectfully, get a conversation going and see if you can get her number so you can talk and meet later.

My advice is to be confident and assertive and not pushy or overtly sexual, as it’s quite a big turnoff for women. 

Day dating

You can meet girls at parks, shopping malls, stores, and on the street. Literally, anywhere you can find people, you’ll find lovely-looking girls to approach. 

Romanian girls are also quite easy to approach, so you just take it anytime you have an opportunity. You can get a conversation going by asking for directions or the time. Or, you can get straight to the point and tell her you thought she was pretty and you wanted to talk. 

Again, don’t be surprised if she’s hesitant at first, but that’s okay. Just be yourself without being too aggressive, and hopefully, she gives you her number. If she doesn’t, approach more girls!

Online dating in Romania

It would be great to set up at least a date or two before you’ve even landed on Romanian soil. Online dating is one of the easiest ways for men to find girls to go out within today’s world, including Romania. 

f you want a more serious partner, check out AnastasiaDate or EuroDate. The women here are often searching for long-term relationships. Tinder is also an option, although the girls here usually look for a shorter-term fling and can also be flakier. 

Tips for Dating a Romanian Woman 

date a romanian girl

Here are my final tips for dating a Romanian woman:

Learn A Little Romanian

Learning a few Romanian words and phrases should be easier than you think. Derived from Latin, Romanian is the only Romance language developed in Eastern Europe (for reference, other Romance languages include French, Italian, and Spanish). 

If you know anything from those languages, you should notice a lot of similarities.

The girl you date will likely be impressed that you know any Romanian because it sets you apart from other visiting Western men. You can also have a sexy date over food and wine, teaching other words in your native tongues. 

Be Respectful 

Due to cultural upbringing, Romanians are very polite people, and it’s expected for both genders to be respectful to one another. Be kind and courteous, and it should help her become more relaxed around you. 

Avoid Sensitive Subjects At First   

Remember that she’s likely to be a bit reserved at first, and it will take a little time for her to open up to you. On your first date, you can talk about subjects like your background and family back home, her family, and your interests. 

Avoid more sensitive subjects (such as discussing past relationships or anything concerning you two becoming intimate) at first until you’ve become more comfortable with one another.

Final Thoughts 

Well, that just about sums up my tips for dating Romanian girls. As you will find out, women from Romania possess many fun qualities that make them excellent girlfriends.

My final piece of advice is to walk up to a girl you like when you see her. Don’t even think about it or what you’re going to say; just do it! 

Most Romanian women highly appreciate men who take the initiative and display the confidence to go up to them and begin a conversation. 

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