Dating Sexy Italian Men – Top Tips for Meeting Italian Guys

Dating Italian Men

Italian men are high up on the list of most desirable European men in the world. Whether you find a native from Italy itself or one born and raised in your neighborhood, there is something special about him.

However, dating Italian guys is unlike anything you have ever or will ever experience. To prepare you, here is more on what to expect and the real truth about dating Italian men, you should also check our international dating advice guide. That way, you do not end up shocked when you experience things like pasta, food comas, and intrusive moms during your time together.

What are Italian men like?

Tall, dark and handsome

One of the main things that make dating an Italian man areal treat is their devastatingly good looks. Their dark features, including brown eyes and brunette hair, contribute a great deal to this attractiveness. If you are a huge fan of beards, you will also not be disappointed as most prefer the rough manly look with their well-kept facial hair.

Need a reference on what to expect? Here are a few of the hottest Italian guys:

  • Vincent Gallo
  • Andrea Di Stefano
  • Stefano Accorsi
  • Scott Baio
Stefano Accorsi

Incredibly stylish

Italy is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and their men are down with this program. Whether it is a crisp bespoke suit or a funky casual getup, these men never disappoint when it comes to fashion. I guess what else would you expect from a group that has produced fashion legends like Giorgio Armani and Emilio Pucci?

Fiery personalities

Italian guys are the male version of Latina women when it comes to character. They are feisty creatures who are never afraid to speak their minds. They also happen to be very short-tempered and have been known to get very worked up about things that bother them. Despite all this, they are generally not violent, and they do not hold grudges.

They are very passionate

When an Italian man loves something or someone he will not hold back. They tend to be very passionate and involved in things that interest them. That will make your relationship a lot more fun than you have ever had as you know he is all in.

They are social butterflies

These guys are friends with everyone. Do not be surprised if you go out on a date and leave having made five new friends just by association with him. They love to meet new people and hang out with their friends and family, which is something you have no choice but to be a part of.

They love the ladies

Italian men are Casanovas really like French men. They love women and are very good at getting their attention. The good thing is that despite this fact, they tend to be incredibly loyal once they find someone they are interested in.

They love food

Food is everything in Italian culture. It is how you celebrate. It is how you mourn. It is how you spend time with the people closest to you. And most importantly, it is how you show love. So be prepared for a lot of wine and pasta or pizza dates when dating these men.

They love and have huge families

The only thing more important to an Italian man than the perfect wine-risotto combination is his family. They have huge families with boisterous personalities that you will enjoy being a part of. There is a chance that your relationship gets to the point of marriage, and he will expect to have a huge family of his own.

Sexy Italian Man

What do Italian men look for in their partners?

Dating Italian men means living up to precise but attainable expectations. They are relatively easy to please. Here are a few things you might be expected to have to get and keep your Italian stallion.

  1. Image-consciousness and a great sense of fashion.
  2. A family-oriented attitude.
  3. An appreciation for Italian cuisine.
  4. Intelligence
  5. Great banter

Italian dating norms

  • Relationships are taken seriously when dating an Italian man with a marriage more often than not being the end goal.
  • Both men and women are notoriously flirty but fiercely loyal.
  • Church weddings are the norm given the strong religious influence on the Italian dating culture.
  • Most, if not all, dates will be centered on food. Cooking it, eating it, and learning about it.
  • Getting close with the mother is the fastest way into any Italian man’s heart.
  • Men typically make the first move, but gender roles are pretty fluid after that.
  • Catcalling is considered a high compliment and usually comes from a good place.
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