How To Get A Latina To Like You? 10 Stages Of Dating A Latina Woman

International Dating Advice / Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

Latina Lover 101

South America is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to looking for international love. No one can blame you. I mean those women are something else with their perfect combination of beauty, brains and awesome personalities.

The dating culture in Latin America is pretty standard. Of course, your experiences will be different because you and your beautiful Latina mamacita are unique individuals. However, you will most likely end up going through the same stages of dating a Latina that everyone else does.

Stage #1 – Ooh la la! I like what I see!

The beauty that is a Latina woman is undeniable. Whether you get a leggy blonde from Brazil or a curvy tanned belle with wavy brunette locks from Chile, you will be attracted to them. What’s more is that their personalities and values match this physical beauty making them even more desirable.

Stage #2 – Let’s try on these big boy pants

Number one item on every how to get a Latina to like you list is confidence. That means that after your love at first sight moment you will need to get gutsy and make a move. It is often intimidating as these women exude confidence from a mile away. Thus those big boy pants are a must.

Stage #3 – That was one heck of a first date

First dates in Latin America are almost always lively. None of that boring (but still sweet and romantic) candlelight dinner lifestyle. You will probably go out dancing, attend a nighttime street carnival, go to the beach or even take a hike, or another of many things to do in Latin America. Whatever it is it will be memorable. So if your idea sucks then let her give some input.

Stage #4 – There’s more to her than sass

Contrary to popular belief, Latina women are not always firecrackers ready to go off at you at any moment. Granted, they are pretty outspoken and strong which might be intimidating. However, there is a soft feminine princess within every sassy queen. One of the signs a Hispanic girl likes you is when they let this vulnerable little girl out. It shows that they feel safe and comfortable with you.

Stage #5 – This Google translate thing won’t work

The language barrier is always a major challenge when dating a Latina woman. At first, you will use apps and online services to translate your text messages and sometimes live conversations. However, a time will come when this will become a frustrating hindrance to your bonding sessions. It is unfortunate but inevitable.

Stage #6 – Hablo un poco de español ahora

When you get to this stage, this will not need any translating. However, if you haven’t gotten to stage one yet, the statement means “I speak a little Spanish now.” If you are serious about your relationship, then you will invest in learning the language. It will make it a lot easier for you to communicate.

Stage #7 – Wait, what? Did you say family barbeque?

Yep, this is a stage when dating a Latina woman. It doesn’t always have to be a barbeque; it could be a cousin’s quinceañera, a friend’s wedding or any other gathering that brings the family together. South American women are very family oriented, and it is not unusual in Latino dating culture to be introduced to them early on.

Stage #8 – Wow, I could get used to this

The honeymoon phase with Latina women is an out of body experience. You get to learn so much about them and their culture. You get to taste her authentic tacos, listen to that thick Spanish accent and watch her dance whenever you want. That is going to be the best part of it all.

Stage #9 – This international dating this is hard

The honeymoon phase is not forever. A time will come where, as with any other relationship, you will start experiencing challenges. The fact that it is an international relationship will only make it harder. Everything from cultural differences to geographical separation will take its toll on the relationship. But be sure to check those tips for dating foreigners.

Stage #10 – Time to make those big decisions

With the goo-goo eyes rubbed clear by the realities of life, you will have to make some pretty important decisions. Where is the relationship headed? Is it long term? Will one of you have to move? These are the kind of questions that you will have to answer. Everyone goes through it and with all the success stories with Latina women you might not have to worry too much. Just be honest and open.


Don’t believe it? Well, date one of these awesome women and see it for yourself. You’ll see the pattern emerge pretty early. However, don’t freak out and assume that your relationship will be boring and predictable. No Latina chica would ever let this happen. Just be open and let loose and you will see just how different every relationship here is despite these similar stages.