Review – How You Can Easily Date a Latin Single

International Dating Sites / Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Here is a comprehensive AmoLatina review that should give you an idea of what to expect from one of the best Latin dating sites.

Introduction to

AmoLatina entered the league of great Latina dating apps more than ten years ago, and it is one of the best online dating sites if you are looking to meet new people and date a beautiful Latina woman or gentleman.

The website went through a major transformation in 2017 when it went from being a simple dating service to a one that gives you total control of the nature of the relationship.

What is Amo Latina?

As far as Latina dating sites are concerned, the AmoLatina dating app is an authority. The application connects single men and women from all over the world with singles in Latin countries.

The majority of the local Latin subscribers come from Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. The app allows you to meet people from lots of exotic countries, browse through a variety of profiles, and reach out to people you are interested in.

One of the best things about this site is that registration is free. The only time you are required to pay is when you find someone you are truly interested in and want to get in touch with them.

Upgrades from the original model

Before we get into details about how the service will help you with dating a Latina on AmoLatina, it is important to understand where the app started. This will help you appreciate the strides forward taken in the members’ favor.

Without further ado, below are the five main improvements that were made by the site:

  1. Both men and women can apply – When the site was launched, it was first set up to connect Western men with Colombian and other Latin women. However, it is now open to both genders allowing even women to sign up to find love or companionship.
  2. Less third party involvement in your relationship – There was also a lot of interference from third parties. This was mainly because the app was geared towards “mail order brides” and matchmaking for marriage. Now, you and your love interest are in total control of the relationship.
  3. More focus on casual dating – As has been stated many times before, Amo Latina was once very focused on helping men find girls they could marry. The new AmoLatina, however, has a more casual approach and allows singles to pursue less serious relationships. However, if you do find love and want to get into a long-term relationship or even get married, then no one will stop you.
  4. A wider international dating pool – The new AmoLatina has also opened up its doors to a more international dating scene. It is not only meant for Latinas and Americans. Right now, there are numerous subscribers from Europe and even Asian singles who are looking to date Latin people.

Overview of AmoLatina’s services/features:

Online Chat – Online Chat is a feature on the website that allows you to chat with other members in real-time. As long as both of you are online, you’ll be able to send and receive concise messages from potential dates.

Offline Chat –you don’t have to worry when you are offline. You will still get the messages that members have sent to you through this feature. These messages will be stored in your inbox, and you can reply to them anytime you get back online.

Video Chat – Video Chat is a feature that will allow your communication to be more exciting. It’s like the Online Chat feature but with the added benefit of video. So, you and your potential date will be able to see each other (through the two-way chat feature), and then read and send messages at the same time.

Email Correspondence – Email Correspondence is a service that you will find useful when you are the type who would like to send out longer, more thoughtful messages. It’s just like any email platform out there where you store messages in an inbox. It’s perfect for members who aren’t ready to chat live yet.

Let’s Mingle – online dating can sometimes become tedious because you’d have to send messages over and over again to people that you admire. Let’s Mingle can help you out here as it allows members to send the same message to a group of people of a certain age. For example, when you click the Let’s Mingle option, a box will pop up that lets you choose who you want to send your messages to (women, 25-35 years old, for instance). Type in your message, then hit send and it will be distributed to all women on the site between the ages of 25 to 35.

Stickers/Smiles/Premium Smiles – sometimes, just plain text won’t be able to help you express how you feel. So, this is where Stickers, Smiles, and Premium Smiles come into play. It’s good to tell a potential date that you are happy to meet them, but it’s better when you do so with a big smiley face attached to your chat message!

AmoLatina’s dating app

Online dating on Amo Latina is made even more convenient with its mobile app. Those who are interested can download the app on their phone via the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store for free.

The app has all of the same features as the website but with the added convenience of mobility. You can video chat, online chat, search for members, receive messages, and so much more on the app, anywhere, as long as you have internet.

The AmoLatina credit system & free credits

When you are ready to use AmoLatina’s Premium Services, you first need to upgrade your profile by purchasing membership and credits.

Membership is available to all users and can be paid as a one-time payment or as recurring every month.

AmoLatina’s credits are units bought on the site that allow you to enjoy the site’s paid services. The credits come in packages with different discounts and offers.

For example, first-time users get to purchase 20 credits for $2.99. This is a one-time offer and also includes freebies including three talk minutes, ten letters and three messages for free.

You may choose to register and subscribe to the monthly membership. This will cost you $9.99 per month but will cut your credits’ cost by up to 50%. So, when non-subscribers are buying 20 units for $32, you will be getting yours at $15.99.

The credits have different values depending on the form of communication you want to use. For example:

  • Live Chat costs one credit per minute.
  • Video chat costs 4-6 credits per minute, depending on whether you use one-way or two-way webcam options.
  • Sending an email will cost you ten credits.
  • Gifts and packages cost 49 units.
  • Watching premium pictures and videos of your Latina partner costs 10-15 credits.

Is AmoLatina a scam?

is a fraud

If you’re already familiar with the brand or researching it just now, you might see claims on some websites that Amo Latina is a scam. One of the most common complaints is that female members on the site are not genuine – they are just too beautiful to be real. Another popular claim is that the services are too expensive, making it essentially just a fraud site that’s trying to get men to spend all their money.

Neither of these complaints actually mean is a scam:

  • For one, Latin women are well known for their beauty and taking care of themselves, so it’s no wonder they want to be seen at their best when looking for love!
  • Secondly, Amo Latina is a premium communications platform, which means you need to pay for the high-quality services and features they offer. It’s true that costs can add up if you try to contact every beautiful woman you come across on the site. However, that does not mean AmoLatina is a scam. It just means you need to be smarter when contacting members on the portal.

It’s also worth a mention that all complaints have been posted about the old website. The company completely revamped its site in 2017, making it much safer for its members.

Let’s take a look at their anti-scam policy below.

AmoLatina’s scam prevention policy

AmoLatina understands that there are risks involved when online dating. You can be at risk for dating scams, fake profiles, people misrepresenting themselves by using fake photos, or dishonest people trying to get you to send them money.

To tackle all these issues and prevent frauds and scams on the site, the company has developed one of the most sophisticated scam prevention systems in the industry.

The anti-fraud system checks for suspicious profiles and behavior. If a potentially fake profile is detected, AmoLatina’s team checks the profile and deletes it if necessary.

All members can report suspicious accounts to the customer support team who investigates all complaints. If a scam is discovered on the site, the offending member will be removed, and Amo Latina will reimburse all credits you spent communicating with them.

AmoLatina also has a strict profile verification system, and members who either refuse to verify their profile or who don’t pass the verification process will not be able to join the site. To confirm the identity of members AmoLatina’s team of security experts conducts video calls or personal interviews and checks I.Ds and passports.

How to use

With everything you know about the site already, you must be very excited by now! Here you will learn how to use the Amo Latina dating website.

Below is a step-by-step guideline to help you get started.

Go to the Amolatina login page

AmoLatina Review

The first thing you have to do is launch the website on your device and sign up. This is a pretty easy and straightforward process. Like we said earlier, you do not have to pay anything to get registered as a member.

Create your user profile

Once you are finished signing up, the next step is creating your user profile. This will feature photos and a description of who you are and what are your preferences.

You are free to express your creativity and personality here. You could post anything from goofy photos of you and your cat to professional studio-shot photos, whatever best channels your personality.

Search for a match

amolatina ladies

The next step is to use the search. There are thousands of profiles of single women and men from Latin countries on the portal, so you need to filter your search somehow.

You can use the search function to filter members by:

  • Age
  • City or country
  • Height
  • Language
  • Education
  • and more

You can also find matches with specific interests (such as camping or sailing, for example) or specify whether you want your partner to smoke or drink.

Our advice is to take your time browsing the profiles. Narrow your search down to people you are really interested in. This will go a long way in helping you find someone you are compatible with.

Once you have someone special in your sights that you would like to get to know, the next step is reaching out.

Start chatting

If you wish to chat with someone whose profile intrigues you, you will have to pay as this is a premium service. The charges are in the form of credits that we will discuss in detail below.

You have the choice of communicating through email, texts, voice calls, or video calls. From here you get to determine the nature, course, and speed of your relationship.

AmoLatina’s Dating Tips – Creating a Profile That Gets Attention

When it comes to creating a winning dating profile, you have to pay close attention to details. You have to be particular with how you present yourself through your description, photos, and even responses.

Here are some simple-to-do tips that will help you enhance your appeal through your Amo Latina dating profile:

Keep your description short but non-generic

You can do that by thinking about your current hobbies and interests. For example, to make things more interesting, you can mention a show that you’re currently watching or a book that you’re currently reading. You can also mention going to the gym, spending time with pets, traveling, etc.

You also need to mention who you want to meet. Think about the kind of relationship that you want in your life. Use this as a guide for you to describe your potential partner. Focus on traits that are not shallow (kind, with a good sense of humor, loving) instead of more temporary ones (good looks, great body).

Your photos need to be interesting

It’s easier said than done, but one step in the right direction would be to utilize most or all of the spaces for your photos. For example, if your profile has space for six pics, then go ahead and upload six.

Make sure that your photos are recent, and change them up. Upload photos of yourself vacationing, having fun (but never with a group), playing with your pet, reading a book, or hiking (anything applicable to what you’re into now).

Lastly, your responses need to be engaging

Don’t just reply with yes or no. As much as possible, keep the conversation going by asking open-ended questions.

It’s important that you pay attention to the topic that you are discussing so you can reply appropriately.

Don’t forget to use smilies or stickers to make your responses more interesting. Know that you can also exchange photos and videos on, so don’t be scared to make use of this feature when chatting with someone.

The DOs and DON’Ts of using and other Latin dating services

  • Do your research and understand the service.
  • Do not rush into anything.
  • Do have an open mind.
  • Do not divulge any sensitive information, whether personal or financial.
  • Do conduct video chats regularly.
  • Do not send money to strangers.
  • Do report any scams to the website.
  • Do not be vague about your expectations.
  • Do have fun – lots and lots of it.

Final verdict – is it worth it?

In conclusion, there is no denying the fact that AmoLatina is one of the best Latina dating sites out there! It is easy to use, safe, and affordable. There is also the fact that you get to interact with international singles and learn more about Latin cultures. A trip to Latin America would a great occasion to try AmoLatina and start dating while traveling.

So, is it worth it? The answer is yes. It’s time to start meeting people to find your match or perhaps even true love!

You can also find AmoLatina On Social Media!

7 Reasons Why You Should Try

If you’re into dating Latin men or women, is the site for you. It is renowned as one of the best when it comes to Latin dating and it is the perfect avenue for singles all around the world who are looking to connect with Latin singles.

Here are some reasons why AmoLatina is one of the best in business:

a beautiful latina

1. Focuses on connections and communication.

Amo Latina acknowledges that anything can happen in the world of dating. You might fall head over heels in love with someone special. You may form beautiful friendships with people who aren’t quite your taste. Or you could meet someone for a hot and steamy summer fling.

The point is, online dating doesn’t have to lead to a serious relationship or marriage. Not at all.

That’s why is so great:

It focuses only on communication – international communication, to be exact. It just brings people from all over the world together – whatever happens next is up to you.

2. Connects people internationally.

Latin women and men dating singles from different backgrounds via AmoLatina all agree the site has diversified their dating horizons. The site has members from countries like:

  • Europe
  • Canada
  • The United States
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • and many others

People are signing up from all over the world to date Latin American singles!

3. Member safety is a priority!

The primary reason why is one of the best Latin dating sites is the amount of emphasis it places on members’ safety.

Amo Latina wants everyone to have a good experience while mingling with other people and no user should ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable while on the site.

The company ensures they stay ahead of any fraudulent profiles or activities. In the rare case of experiencing something like that, you can rest assured that AmoLatina has got your back. Whatever credits were spent over connecting with the individual who caused you inconvenience, would be reimbursed.

When you browse through this dating site, you’ll notice a lot of useful content such as tips and advice that will guide you in your journey of dating Latin or Brazilian women.

These informative tips about AmoLatina will ensure you practice all the healthy aspects of online dating without running into unnecessary problems.

4. Free registration!

What attracts a lot of singles to is that registering is free! Once you register on AmoLatina, you can browse the site completely free before deciding on the services you require and purchasing membership and credits.

It has a lot of ways to make sure the results you get to focus on diversity in interactions that you are looking for.

5. A wide set of high-quality features.

Amo Latina comes with a lot of features that you’ll find very appealing:

  • “Let’s Mingle” that allows you to send a welcome message to all matches who fit your criteria.
  • “Live Chat” for direct communications with eligible singles.
  • “Flowers and Presents” for sending gifts like chocolates, flowers, perfume, and more to someone who has stolen your heart.

They also offer free credits to new members of their internal currency system to connect you with singles over chat or video calls.

Make sure you go over their informative pages on tips and advice to practice healthy online dating.

6. Not meeting is okay!

There seems to be this apprehension surrounding dating sites, whether they are a regular dating site or one for dating a Latina. People get anxious about meeting other users they have communicated with.

But don’t worry if you are one of them! AmoLatina supports and promotes communication that is open and fun.

The focus is on communication since the very beginning (see point 1!). You can freely engage with Latin singles around the world and nurture the kind of connection you are looking for, be it a friendship or casual chats or even a serious relationship. Nothing comes with a guarantee, but everything comes with possibilities. Latina dating has never been so easy and fun!

7. Strict verification of all members.

The AmoLatina dating site has a brilliant anti-scam policy in place.

They don’t tolerate any fraudulent profiles – local agencies help verify men and women who sign up on the site. It did not become one of the best Latin dating sites without putting in the effort required to give such high-quality services.

If for some unseen reason a member becomes a victim of fraud when using the site, Amo Latina provides 100% money back guarantee to the member.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that requests of any kind – like expensive gifts or money – are the basis for instant deletion of a profile. Any credits that were spent on interacting with the woman would be refunded.

So what are you waiting for, log on today and chat it up with Latina women on the AmoLatina dating site and see where a simple chat leads you in life.