4 Best Latin Dating Sites To Connect With Hispanic Singles in 2021

yourlatinmates latin dating site

2021. El año del amor. The year of love. 

We just started a new decade, and it is finally time that you started actively changing the tides in your love life. 

Maybe you have been too deep into your comfort zone to put yourself out there. It could be that you wear your heart on your sleeve, but it never works out for you. 

It’s all in the past now!

So how do you start this new chapter? 

I cannot think of a better way than signing up for online dating with a niche platform that will help you find your perfect Latin match. Here are four of the best Latin dating sites for 2020. 



Since its launch in 1993, AmoLatina.com has been one of the leading niche dating platforms in the online dating scene. It caters to international dating needs and helps connect users from all over the world with singles from Central and South America. 

The site has evolved into a high-tech platform offering resources from texts and emails to media sharing capabilities. That way, you have all you need to make things work with your special mamacita or macho babe. 

Member base

The platform serves more than 32 countries with over 13000 users from all over the world. That is a pretty impressive singles pool, especially for a niche site. With so many people to choose from, your chances of finding a happily ever after are very high on AmoLatina.com. Check out this review of AmoLatina.

Types of profiles

On AmoLatina.com, there are generally two types of profiles. One is the free member profile. It is a basic package you get after you sign up for the site. It allows you to set up your profile and upload your photos. You also get to see other people’s public profiles and find matches if you are interested. 

The second type is the paid membership profile. The main perk here is that you get to view hidden content, including private profiles and media, on public profiles that aren’t available to everyone. 


AmoLatina.com operates on a pay-per-action type of model. That means that you have to pay for different things like sending messages and media files, live video chats, and so on. The payment is made through virtual currency referred to as credits with a batch of 20 credits costing $15.99.


Latin America gets a bad reputation in the international dating scene as being home to some of the most elaborate online schemes. While these incidences are in real life few and far between, AmoLatina does not take chances with your security. 

The site features several anti-scam policies as well as avenues for users to report any misconduct. They also have systems in place to identify and block fraudulent and/or spam-filled profiles.


yourlatinmates latin dating site

YouLatinMates.com is one of the younger Latino niche platforms in online dating. It was launched in 2016 and is a great option if you are looking for a Latina woman to date. It is also known as BraziliaWomen.com and has a reputation for having some of the most beautiful singles in online dating. 

So, if you want your very own Adriana Lima or Salma Hayek, then this just might be the site for you!

YourLatinMates.com is a part of the larger AmoLatina.com platform and, as such, shares a lot of functional similarities with the mother site. That includes features like the chat platforms, live video call services, signup process, and even the general layout. 

The difference is that the site is a lot more targeted. Think of it as a super niche site that caters specifically to users looking for single beautiful South American women

Member base

With its “super-niche” status, YourLatinMates.com does not have as many users as other sites out there. According to site traffic statistics, however, the platform receives up to 1200 visits per day, which is quite impressive. So, do not let the fact that it is not the most significant site out there discourage you. Sign up and get active – you never know who of the 1200 users per day might catch your eye!

Types of profiles

With YourLatinMates.com, you have two options when it comes to the kind of profile you can have. 

The first is the registered non-member profile. That means that you have an account, but you have not subscribed to the service. Upon signing up, you will get a 1-month free trial, which will allow you to access most of the services on the site, including creating a profile, viewing other people’s profiles, and receiving messages. 

The other option is that of a registered subscribed member profile. It is renewable monthly and comes with many perks. They include welcome freebies such as 20 free credits and three free video chat minutes with your first subscription. 


As part of AmoLatina.com, this site also uses the credit currency for action payment. How much you pay depends on the service. Something like a basic chat would cost you one credit per minute, while 2-way video calls cost six credits per minute. 


Security is also a big deal here, with the platform putting in place systems to help protect your information. That includes everything from banning scam profiles to encrypting your private information. That way, you don’t have to worry about who you thought was the love of your life, making a fool out of you. 



Online dating has been around for several decades. However, it is safe to say that Tinder has played a massive role in taking it mainstream and making it blow up on the international level. 

The platform was launched in 2012 and has since grown to be one of the most popular general dating sites that there is. 

But how could Tinder help you find your true Central or South American love? It is not a niche site, after all. And who has time to comb over all those users to find that one Colombian babe or Chilean hunk?

While it is designed as a general platform, Tinder can come in very handy when trying to find a Latino lover as it is used pretty much all over the world!

So, the next time you visit a Latin American country, just log on, turn on your location, and get connected with some of the hottest singles in the area. 

You could also find them from the comfort of your home by upgrading to a profile that grants access to international users. 

Member base

Tinder is easily one of the most popular online dating apps out there today. It has had more than 40 million users since its launch, and the app had 4.7 million active paid membership profiles in 2019. Therefore, if your main priority is variety, then this is without a doubt, a site that is worth considering on your Latino love journey. 

Types of profiles and pricing

There are three main types of profiles on Tinder. 

The first is the basic free package that you get when you sign up. That allows you to set up your profile, view profiles within your area, and correspond with your matches. However, you have a limited number of right swipes for people you like per day and only one ‘super like’ for anyone who might stand out to you. You also have to put up with ads. 

The next option is the Tinder Plus profile for $9.99 per month. It is a paid membership level renewable every month. It offers access to bonus features, including unlimited right swipes, five super likes per day, and the ability to match with people from all over the world. It is perfect for finding your Latino lover without having to travel. You also get to enjoy ad-free services. 

The final tier is the Tinder Gold profile for $29.99 per month. Here, there are absolutely no restrictions in terms of the number of right swipes allowed and rewinds where you change your mind about someone you rejected. You also get universal access and ad-free space. However, the best part is that you get to see who liked your profile, which makes the matching process a whole lot easier. 


 The site has rigorous anti-scam policies and will suspend any profile that violates their terms and conditions. It is meant to protect you from any fraudulent users. The platform also encrypts all your information and correspondence for your security. Finally, your messages will be deleted should you, for some reason, leave or unmatch someone. 



This online dating platform is built for hopeless romantics. It has a pretty unique premise that is based on the idea that fate plays a significant role in how we find love. 

The app helps you connect with singles you have unwittingly crossed paths with. It could be someone you passed on the street on your way to the store. Maybe it was that pretty girl on your morning commuter train. 

Once you cross paths with another user, their profile automatically appears on your timeline. And if you are interested, you could like their profile. If they like you back, then you can start getting to know each other. 

This site does give a whole new meaning to the idea that the love of your life could have been right under your nose this entire time. 

Technically speaking, this app is not a niche site for Latino singles. However, it is available in several Latin American countries, including Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico. If you travel to Latin America I suggest you check the LatinDatingGuides.com website to knwo the best places to meet Latin singles.

Member base

Happn is just a little over six years in the game and is already one of the most popular general dating sites there is. It has had more than 70 million users since its launch, with an average of about 1.5 million new users per month. 

Types of profiles and pricing

As with most other online dating sites, you have the choice of either having a free membership or paying for a premium one. 

The free membership profile grants you access to some of the basic actions, including setting up a profile and being visible to other users. You also get to see who you crossed paths with. 

However, it is not entirely free as you need to purchase “Hi-s” which are how you let someone know you are interested in them. If you send them a hi and they send one back, then you are matched, and you can start talking. 

The premium membership offers you ad-free usage and ten free “Hi-s” on your first subscription. You also get access to perks, including the list of people who have liked you and the ability to be invisible. 


If you are concerned about your location being shared, then you have nothing to worry about. The platform only allows other users to know the general location where you crossed paths without divulging any further movement routes. It also gives you the option to go invisible or even turn on the mystery feature to further protect your privacy. 

Wrapping it up 

If you want a truly niche site, then AmoLatina and YourLatinMates are the best options that cater specifically to the international Latino dating scene. But first you need to know the stages of dating a Latina.

 If you don’t want to limit yourself but still want some of that Latin spice, the Tinder and Happn apps are ideal for you.

Whatever the case, these sites are pretty awesome and have a lot to offer you on your journey to finding love. So sign up today and start meeting new people. You have nothing to lose, putting yourself out there and everything to gain. 

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