Having a Successful AMWF Relationship: The Challenges & Benefits of Dating an Asian Man

Amwf Relationship

The Asian male and white female relationship combination is not one that you see very often. However, this dynamic pairing is probably one of the most underrated.

AMWF relationships are some of the most successful cross-cultural pairings, particularly in the online dating scene, despite them being so rare.

The sections below will examine why relationships between Asian males and white women typically work out. You will also learn about some of the perks you have to look forward to and the challenges you should prepare for.

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Why are AM/WF relationships so rare?

When it comes to the game of online dating, Asian men usually get picked last.

It is in sharp contrast to beautiful Asian women who are pretty much fought over for their perfect combination of beauty, brains, and femininity. In fact, white male/Asian female relationships are one the most common relationship types on the international dating scene.

So why does this happen?

What is it that makes women disregard Asian guys without even giving them a chance? 

Simply put, it is because of all the stereotypes that are attached to Asian men. 

Most common stereotypes about Asian guys

They lack the macho man flare

There is this notion that dating an Asian guy means that YOU have to be the one being in charge of the relationship. You have to be the aggressive one, as the men are typically docile. 

The truth

Asian men are quite assertive, especially in relationships. They are not hotheaded or aggressive, but you can trust them to have your back. 

They are not very romantic

Asian guys especially Filipino men are also considered very rigid and complacent in relationships by western standards. Many women believe that dating one of these guys means giving up on all the fairytale dreams and hopes they had of being spoilt rotten. 

The truth

Indeed, Asian men like Japanese men are not the most romantic on the dating scene. However, they do have their moments, and they are great at showing affection in other ways, including words and acts of service. 

They are sticklers for traditional gender roles

Some women believe that Asian men are misogynists whose main goals are to force their partners into submission. That is a belief derived from conventional gender roles in East Asia where men are the heads of the household, and whatever they say goes. 

The truth

While Asian men do love to be in charge of relationships, they tend to be very respectful to their partners. He will want to treat you like his queen but will not expect you to grovel or give in to his every whim.

They are workaholics

It is no secret that Asian men work hard. However, they are unfairly labeled as workaholics who have no time for their partners. It has a lot to do with their portrayal in pop culture. 

The truth

Asian boyfriends work hard to ensure that they can give you the best things in life. However, they are great at time management and always make time for you and the relationship. 

Unsatisfactory bedroom performance

Some women genuinely believe that Asian men are unexciting lovers. Whether it is due to their assumed anatomic variations or their perceived lack of passion, it seems like one of the main reasons most women don’t consider them desirable partners. 

The truth

I can only say one thing here: it is all a lie. 


Women have their reasons to be reluctant, given all these nasty stereotypes floating around. But don’t be fooled by street talk and Hollywood portrayal of these men. 

Most, if not all, of these and other stereotypes, are entirely untrue, especially when it comes to Asian men that you meet in the west. They are every bit as romantic, passionate, and respectful as anyone else you might consider dating.

In addition to this, dating them comes with a whole bunch of perks! Here are our favorite ones.

Benefits of dating an Asian man

Dating An Asian Man

They are handsome

Asian men are handsome. I mean, look at all the tweens around the world melting for K-pop and J-pop stars!

They often have flawless skin, beautiful eyes, and awesome hair. You never get tired of running your fingers through it.

And if you get to the point of starting a family together, you have some beautiful babies to look forward to. 

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Asian guys are fiercely loyal

One of the main reasons you should be searching intentionally for the love of Asian men is because loyalty is pretty much a guarantee. They are taught from an early age to respect not only their partners but the relationship, so you are unlikely ever to have to deal with issues of cheating. 

They are very kind

These men are so sweet and generous they will have your friends on the “I want to date an Asian guy” bandwagon in no time just from seeing how he treats you. They are very attentive to their partner’s needs, whether you are craving chocolate or need help with an errand. 

When dating an Asian man, you constantly learn something new

These guys love to learn. Whether it is about books, music, art, or even sports. So if you have been in the market for a new hobby, rest assured he will help you find and get started on one. You will also learn a lot about their culture, including their amazing cuisine, unique traditions, and language. 

They are good with money management

Asian guys are generally smart and responsible. That can come in handy if you are at a point where you’re both ready to take the next step and share financial responsibility. They will guide you on how to strike the perfect balance between enjoying life and securing your future. 

The challenges of AMWF relationships

While AMWF relationships have a lot to offer, there are several challenges that you will inevitably have to deal with. Being prepared for them in advance will definitely help you and your partner weather the storm and build a lasting relationship.

Here are some of the challenges that an AMWF couple can face.


Unfortunately, there are many close-minded people in the world who still haven’t received the memo that we are in 2021, and bigotry simply doesn’t have a place here anymore.

This means you will have to brace yourself for a lot of weird stares, rude comments, and even flat-out discrimination by people who don’t approve of cross-cultural relationships.

Cultural barriers

Whether or not your Asian partner was born and raised in a predominantly white country, you will still have many cultural barriers to break through to make your AMWF relationship work.

This has a lot to do with how you both were raised and what cultural beliefs and values you learned from home.

Fortunately, this is something that communication and some open-mindedness will easily solve.

Gender roles

There are many crossovers in terms of values when it comes to gender roles in most Asian communities and traditional white families. However, you may find some differences with some Asian male partners having a patriarchal attitude and others being more equalitarian.

As with cultural barriers, your AMWF relationship will only survive if the two of you communicate effectively.


Family plays a central role in the lives of most, if not all, Asian men. While they may be your ticket to his heart, they could also be the biggest barrier to the progress of your relationship, especially if they don’t approve of the union.

Just take your time to get to know your Asian boo’s family and how to win them over. And if your family is problematic too, make sure to give your partner the pointers they need to make it through that family dinner or first meeting.

Lots of sensitive topics

If you want your AMWF relationship to work, you need to be ready to handle a lot of sensitive topics. These are almost always centered around cultural differences and social injustices.

If your partner has been exposed to cultural discrimination, you need to be sensitive to how the experience made them feel. Don’t immediately jump into the defense with comebacks like “not all … are like that”. Instead, allow your partner to go through the motions and heal from the trauma.

The secret through this challenge is the same as with all the others, communication and open-mindedness.

Financial issues

Financial issues are a challenge that all relationships face, from same-culture relationships to interracial pairings.

In AMWF relationships, in particular, the challenge comes if the woman earns more than the man. This messes with the gender role norms and financial dynamics that many Asian men are used to, where the man is expected to be the breadwinner.

If you find yourself in this situation as the woman, make sure to create a safe space for him to communicate his insecurities and discomfort. 

Are AMWF couples real, or is it a fetish?

To recap, AMWF is short for Asian Male, White Female couples. It is pretty self-explanatory and is one of the recent relationship trends in the international dating scene. 

But is it a fad driven by fetishes on either side? Or are these success stories fueled by true love and deep bonds?

Times have changed, and it is not as unusual anymore to find an Asian guy dating a non-Asian woman as it was years ago. This applies to both international relationships in Asia or elsewhere in the world.

For the most part, these are genuine, long-term connections, just like other relationships. They often feature people who are ready to commit to each other, and it is truly a beautiful thing. 

However, some people view AMWF as a fetish, both the men and the women. And to that, we say – let it be. It is their way of loving and being loved, and if it makes them happy, then, by all means, let them go ahead with it. 


Asian men (especially Chinese people) get a bad rap for no good reason. However, they are pretty awesome and deserve just as much of a chance as any white, Latino, or black guy you might consider. 

What’s more, you have so many perks to look forward to when it comes to dating them. So the next time you are swiping on your dating app, be sure to show the Asians some love. Who knows, the secret to your happy ending might just lay in an AMWF setup. 

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