Dating Asian Women: Top Tips for Meeting Asian Girls

dating asian women

Dating Culture in Asia

  1. Get the parents on your side and you are good to go because dating Asian women includes also dating the family.
  2. They are super private so PDA is out of the question.
  3. Learn to take it slow; very slow.
  4. Show interest in their culture
  5. Be ready to split that check or for her to insist on paying for the date.
  6. Have an open mind as far as food is concerned. She will have you eating some weird things.
  7. Learn how to say her name properly. It will set you apart from other foreigners trying to date her.
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Where to Meet Asian Women

So where does one meet Asian women? Well, first of all, you could go to Asia and interact directly with them. This gives you the most authentic experience. It also allows you to interact with them in their natural habitat where they are most comfortable and likely to warm up faster.

If for some reason this is not an option, you could always go for online dating. Some of the niche sites available include:

  • Asian Singles at Perfect Match
  • Asians 4 Asians
  • Asian Women Dating
  • Cherry Blossoms

Either way, you get to meet and interact with some of the most intriguing women on the planet. So there is really no reason for you not to try.

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The wonders of Asian beauties

Asia is a continent of true exotic beauty from the breathtaking ocean views from Phuket, Thailand to the lively city vibes of Tokyo, Singapore and Shanghai. In addition to this combination of natural and manmade wonder, Asia has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful Asian women.

In fact dating Asian girls is one of those things that you should definitely aspire to do if you are planning a visit there or you are just interested in the region.

Here is a little more on why they are worth it and how to make it work with them.

The physical diversity

First thing’s first, let’s talk about looks. Oriental Asian beauty is unlike anything else you will find anywhere in the world. Their unique aesthetic alone should be enough to get you excited. The best part is that they are not just unique but like hot South American women also beautiful.

Snow white skin

One of the most striking features is their skin. For the most part, these women are very pale and will do whatever it takes to keep it so. There are however, a few countries like Vietnam and Japan with some ethnic groups where women have slightly more tanned skin. Either way, they are all glowing goddesses.

Beautiful eyes and jet black hair

Their eyes are also a real treat with their beautiful typical oriental almond shape and soulful brown to black shades. This is perfectly complemented by the jet black straight locks that most of them have. However, in a day and age where body modification is all the rage, you might find some with more Caucasian features including double eyelid eyes and colored hair.

Slender build

beautiful asian woman

Finally, in terms of their physical build, Asian women tend to be petite and on the shorter side. They are usually not curvy but they still have a very feminine and attractive look to them. There are, however, a few exceptions to the rule with the likes of tall, leggy beauties from Japan and Korea and curvy ladies from the Philippines.

Character traits to look forward to

In addition to their physical beauty, Asian girl have a lot to offer in terms of character. Here are a few of their most common personality traits that you have to look forward to.

Modesty and high moral standards

They have been raised to respect themselves and be as classy as possible. This is evident in their modest dressing and their very calm and collected demeanor.

Intelligence beyond compare

You know that age-old stereotype that all Asians are smart? Well, it isn’t entirely without factual basis. These girls are book smart. Do not worry, no one expects you to discuss quantum physics or how to build a robot. But an intelligent conversation will definitely win her over faster.

A perfectionist and serious go-getter attitude

Whether it is a career move, investing or getting a boyfriend, these women do not hold back. She probably has an actual itinerary for every activity in her life including all the dates you will go on. It is all goal-oriented in her head and it is best you do not do anything to upset her plans.

They are very independent

For Asian women, dating is not about finding someone to complete them. It is about a mutual partnership where everyone benefits but also survives and thrives independently.

Multiple skills and talents

She probably plays an instrument, practices some form of martial art, or is an artist. This is a part of their overachieving nature that will definitely make them a lot more fun and interesting to hang out with.

Great culinary skills

These women can cook. Whether it is a simple seafood platter, homemade sushi or a nice warm bowl of pho, you are in for a real treat should you end up dating an Asian girl. My favorite Asian food is the Sri Lankan Malay Pickle.

True love for their culture

These women are loyal to their countries and their culture. Just because she dates you does not mean she will automatically abandon all her traditions and beliefs. In fact she might drag you into some of their ways and have you acting more Asian than her.

They can be a little dramatic

Contrary to popular belief, Asian women are not icy and emotionless. In fact they are very emotional and can even get dramatic. This is the case particularly when it comes to things that really matter to them like family, loyalty and their dreams.

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