Filipino Men: What is it Like Dating a Filipino Man

Dating A Filipino Man

Filipino men are seriously underrated in the international dating scene. These guys have it all, from their physical appearance to their swoon-worthy personalities. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at what it is like to date a Filipino man and answer some of the most common questions about them:

  • Are Filipino guys attractive? 
  • What is it like to date a Filipino man?
  • What do Filipino guys want in a woman? 
  • What is the Filipino dating culture like? 

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What are Filipino guys like?

Why should you even be interested in Filipino guys in the first place? Well, here are a few of the main reasons these guys are so awesome. 

They are total studs

Are Filipino men attractive?


Their dark and handsome exotic aesthetic and facial features result from genetic contributions from Spanish and East Asian ancestries. And boy, does that pairing work out well for Filipino guys!

Whart Are Filipino Men Like

They are open-minded

One thing you will learn when dating a Filipino man is that they are quite open to anything. Whether you are with an introvert or the most outgoing of extroverts, the adventurous spirit is hard to miss. 

They are humble

A unique and outstanding personality trait you will also encounter with many Filipino men is humility. What is so attractive about it is the balance between their humble nature and their undeniable confidence. 

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They are polite

You will also notice that these guys are very polite and respectful. It is a part of Filipino culture where they are raised to treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

They are ambitious and hard-working

Underneath their polite exterior is a determined man. They have aspirations and work hard to achieve their goals –  a common personality trait across Southeast Asia. Once they focus on a goal, they will go to any lengths to achieve it.

This fighting spirit will eventually rub off on you, making you more productive and ambitious.

They balance work and relationships

The previous point might lead you to believe Filipino men are workaholics. They are far from that! They know how to balance their personal and professional lives. No matter how hard they work, they will always have time for their family members and to celebrate events like birthdays and anniversaries.

They can be overprotective

It may either be a good thing or a deal-breaker. It depends on how much control you are comfortable with within a relationship. However, their overprotectiveness is well-meant as they grow up learning about the man’s protective role in a serious relationship. 

The open-mindedness comes in handy here as you can easily tell them off if you feel he is coming off too strong. 

They are long term committers 

If you are wondering are Filipino men faithfulthen you don’t have much to worry about. As a result of dating norms in the country, Filipinos tend to be very commitment-oriented and are not very likely to step out on you.

They are religious

Religion is an important part of a Filipino’s upbringing. They have traditional families built on strong religious foundations. It brings an element of spiritualism to their personality you can learn from. Festivals are more than just fun for them – they are occasions to devote themselves fully to the superior power and a reminder to live a humble, selfless life.

They are adventurous and spontaneous

Relationships are all about adding fun and spice to life. A Filipino man will ensure there’s never a dull moment. There will be unplanned outings, remote hikes, surprise evenings spent drinking and dancing at a beach, etc.

Your life will be full of excitement, regardless of whether you are an adrenaline junkie.

What Is it like to date a Filipino man

The dating norms in the Philippines borrow heavily from western culture. However, there are a few norms you may have to prepare yourself mentally to avoid culture shock with your Filipino beau. 

Here are a few unique things you may experience. 

You might have to make the first move

While Filipino men are quite confident, their general respect for women sometimes has them waiting too long to make a move. Therefore, you may have to do it yourself. 

However, once this step is out of the way, they have no issue initiating further contact, whether asking you on subsequent dates or moving things to the next level.

Expect the royal treatment

As alluded to earlier, Filipino men know how to treat women with respect and care. If you let him, he will treat you like a princess. That includes them playing the role of provider, protector, and most importantly, spoiler with their romantic gestures. 

There is a lot of variety

You will also realize that there is a lot of variety in terms of guys when getting to know Filipinos. We aren’t talking about looks but personality. You will encounter all sorts of guys, from the life of the party and the occasional playboy to traditional romantics and woke feminists. You just have to figure out what kind of man you are looking for.  

Family always comes first

Family is a big deal. Filipino men dating foreigners will often have to serve as cultural and social bridges between their large, involved families and you as the significant other. Don’t fight it. Just be yourself and let him help, and you will find yourself with not just a boyfriend but a whole new family.  

Where can you meet Filipino men?

The Philippines is a popular tourist destination, and its landscape has undergone an internet explosion in recent years. Hence, there are plenty of options for meeting Filipino men, be it online or in person.

Manila and Cebu are the two big cities that offer a large pool of singles looking for fun and companionship. Here are some prime spots worth checking out:

In Manila

The Fort (a.k.a. Bonifacio Global City/BGC), Makati, and Quezon City are some of the most famous areas for singles nightlife. These have a healthy concentration of nightclubs, pick up bars, and similar casual drinking areas such as:

  • Revel
  • Xylo at The Palace
  • Time
  • Royal
  • Antidote
  • Vanity
  • Prime Upscale Club
  • Exklusiv

The Fort is an upscale area, and everything from drinks to accommodation will be expensive, though it will be worth it.

To have a good day game, you need a city with plenty of malls and shopping destinations frequented by singles. Check out these centers to kick off your dating game:

  • Glorietta
  • Power Plant
  • Century City
  • SM Megamall
  • Robinsons

English is getting popular in the country, and most Filipinos know it at a conversational level.

In Cebu

Cebu city is fast emerging from the shadows of Manila, particularly for singles looking for dates. It is an excellent choice if you want to explore dating beyond Manila, though you need to tone down your expectations.

Check out these nightspots to scout and approach single men:

  • Holic
  • Kazmic Club
  • Cubana
  • Blue Elephant
  • Club Lotus
  • Rumour
  • Icon
  • The Distillery

The average Filipino man is usually attracted to a foreign woman. If you are into making the first move, you are in for an exciting day game. Check out these commercial centers during the day and give it your best shot:

  • Ayala Mall
  • SM City Cebu
  • Elizabeth Mall
  • J Mall

Online dating in the Philippines

The Philippine islands are developing into a global center, thanks to the numerous multinational companies that have set up their offices there. The country attracts citizens from around the world who register with dating sites.

If you like to do some groundwork before you land, here is an overview of the popular dating platforms.

eharmony – The Best Dating Site in the Philippines

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Craving an evening under the Filipino moonlight with a captivating Pinoy man? Your search ends at eHarmony, your virtual amor for discovering a meaningful, lasting companionship.

eHarmony isn’t just a pedestrian dating platform – it’s a romance rebellion! Casual dating takes a backseat, aiming at singles like us who desire more profound connections. It’s a crossroad for all faiths and cultures, attracting a multitude of Christian singles due to its authentic approach to love.

The allure of eHarmony lies in its Compatibility Matching System – a special concoction brewed from a comprehensive questionnaire. Envision this: responding to a string of queries, sketching a truthful impression of yourself, and voila! eHarmony serves you an array of Pinoy charmers who echo your hobbies, your ideals. They even facilitate the first tentative “kamusta” to your match.

The caveat? Essentially, eHarmony demands our commitment. Only partially-filled profiles can send or react to messages – an endearing way to ensure serious suitors only.

Their tiered membership – Premium Light, Plus, and Extra, varying from $39.90 to $69.90 per month, may seem a bit high. But with routine sales and price cuts, it’s an investment worth considering for love.

Of course, there’s minor fine print – a rigid refund policy, and profiles devoid of photos. But they have a dedicated security team filtering out fakes, ensuring your Filipino Knight in Shining Armor is legit. So, are you ready to unearth your Filipino love?

filipino cupid review

It is a premium dating service targeted at western users seeking long-term relationships. There is a lot of focus on security, with features like a verified profile badge, strict action on fake accounts, and translation tools for ex-pats.

You can get a feel of the site through its free membership. Monthly membership starting at $11.67 will get you quality results faster and is highly recommended if you are in the country for several weeks.

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Contrary to its name, the site features many non-Asian men looking for partners. You can customize matching preferences, though the default location-based matching works well.

Color-coded profile details (red for incompatibility and green for compatibility) are useful. It is an affordable option and also offers a free trial period. If you are considering paid memberships, go for Platinum instead of Gold, as it offers many additional features for a little higher price.

What do Filipino guys like in women?

I like a Filipino guybut does he like me back? If you already have one of these sweet gods in your sights, here is more on what Filipino guys like so you know whether or not you stand a chance:

  • Beauty in its many different forms
  • An adventurous spirit
  • Complete authenticity
  • Standards and self-respect
  • Loyalty
  • A family-oriented perspective

How to win a Filipino man’s heart?

Now that you know all about how Filipino men look and where you can find them, it is time to know how to win their hearts when you meet. They may not be expressive during your initial dates, so you need to engage with them in a balanced manner.

These tips will help you find the way to their heart:

Be Playfully Mysterious

It is not as complicated as it sounds. You do not want to give away too much about how you’ve fallen for your man. However, you have to drop enough hints to indicate your interest. A playful touch or the odd compliment while maintaining your distance will go a long way in attracting your man.

Let him lead

Men like to be in charge of situations. Let your man plan out your dates and your holidays. Ask him for advice if need be. It’s OK to put aside your independence and let yourself be charmed and pampered by your man. It’ll make him feel more responsible and protective about you, which is a good step forward.

Loyalty is Gold

Strong relationships are built on foundations of loyalty and trust. Being faithful to your man will forge a deep bond and hold your relationship together through rough times. The slightest hint of adultery can break him forever, and your relationship will be permanently damaged.

Respect his family

Family and social dynamics play out differently in the Philippines compared to the west. It is common for many generations to stay together in the ancestral home, and elders are the decision-makers. Respecting his family will help you win their trust and approval – an important factor in the progress of your relationship.

Wrapping it up 

Dating Filipino men has its perks. Who wouldn’t want to date a handsome guy who will treat them like a queen?  Check out this article to have a successful AMWF relationship.

With all this information, you now have all you need to know what to expect with your Filipino boyfriend!

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