Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Filipino Man

Dating A Filipino Man

Filipino men are seriously underrated in the international dating scene. These guys have it all, from the looks to the swoon-worthy personalities. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at what it is like to date a Filipino man and answer some of the most common questions about them:

  • Are Filipino guys attractive? 
  • What do they want in a woman? 
  • What is the local dating culture like? 

What are Filipino guys like?

Why should you even be interested in Filipino guys in the first place? Well, here are a few of the main reasons why these guys are so awesome. 

They are total studs

Are Filipino men attractive?


Their tall, dark, and handsome exotic aesthetic results from genetic contributions from Spanish and East Asian ancestries. And boy, does that pairing work out well for Filipino guys!

Whart Are Filipino Men Like

They are open-minded

One thing you will learn when dating a Filipino manis that they are quite open to anything. Whether you are with an introvert or the most outgoing of extroverts, the adventurous spirit is hard to miss. 

They are humble

A very unique and outstanding personality trait you will also encounter with Filipino men is humility. What is so attractive about it is the balance between their humble nature and their undeniable confidence. 

They are polite

You will also notice that these guys are very polite and respectful. It is a part of their general culture where they are raised to treat everyone with respect and courtesy. 

They can be overprotective

It may either be a good thing or a deal-breaker. It depends on how much control you are comfortable within a relationship. However, their overprotectiveness is well-meant as they grow up learning about the man’s protective role in a relationship. 

The open-mindedness comes in handy here as you can easily tell them off if you feel he is coming off too strong. 

They are long term committers 

If you are wondering are Filipino men faithfulthen you don’t have much to worry about. As a result of dating norms in the country, Filipinos tend to be very commitment-oriented and are not very likely to step out on you. 

What Is it like to date a Filipino man

The dating culture in the Philippines borrows heavily from the West. However, there are a few norms you may have to prepare yourself mentally to avoid culture shock with your Filipino beau. 

Here are a few unique things you may experience. 

You might have to make the first move

While Filipino men are quite confident, their general respect for women sometimes has them waiting too long to make a move. Therefore, you may have to do it yourself. 

However, once this step is out of the way, they have no issue initiating further contact, whether it is asking you on subsequent dates or moving things to the next level.

Expect the royal treatment

As alluded to earlier, Filipino men know how to treat women with respect and care. If you let him, he will treat you like a princess. That includes them playing the role of provider, protector, and most importantly, spoiler with their romantic gestures. 

There is a lot of variety

You will also realize that there is a lot of variety in terms of guys when getting to know Filipinos. We aren’t talking about looks but instead personality. You will encounter all sorts of guys from the life of the party and the occasional playboy to traditional romantics and woke feminists. You just have to figure out exactly what it is you want.  

Family always comes first

Family is a big deal. Filipino men dating foreigners will often have to serve as cultural and social bridges between their large, involved families and you as the significant other. Don’t fight it. Just be yourself and let him help, and you will find yourself with not just a boyfriend but a whole new family.  

What do Filipino guys like in women?

I like a Filipino guybut does he like me back? If you already have one of these sweet gods in your sights, here is more on what Filipino guys likeso you know whether or not you stand a chance. 

  • Beauty in its many different forms
  • An adventurous spirit
  • Complete authenticity
  • Standards and self-respect
  • Loyalty
  • A family-oriented perspective

Wrapping it up 

Dating a Filipino guyhas its perks. Who wouldn’t want to date a tall, dark, and handsome guy who will treat them like a queen?  Check out this article to have a successful amwf relationship.

With all this information, you now have all you need to know exactly what to expect with your Filipino bae!

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