Romanian Guys: What Is It Like To Date Men From Romania

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Remember Sebastian Stan, the Hollywood badass who plays Winter Soldier?

Well, I bet you had no idea he was of Romanian descent!

But if you like what you see, Romania has plenty more!

Living in this Eastern European country for five years, I’ve learned what it means to date Romanian men. I’ve gotten to know what they are like, what makes them tick, and the type of women they prefer.

So if you are interested to find out more, this article will walk you through finding and dating Romanian men step-by-step.

What you will read about in this article:

  • What are Romania men like
  • How to meet a man from Romania
  • Pros and cons of dating a Romanian man
  • What do Romanian men like in a woman

So, let’s decode Romanian men together!

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What are Romanian men like

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Coming from different backgrounds, it’s kind of hard to put all Romanian guys in one basket, but I tried summarizing their most common traits:

What do Romanian men look like?

When it comes to looks, they come in all shapes and sizes – tall, short, blonde, dark-haired, fit, with dad-bods. You name it, and they’ve got it!

You can’t miss the towering Romanian guys with blond hair and bright blue eyes. Those men are probably of Germanic descent.

On the other hand, the fair-eyed Romanians with Russian roots are on the shorter side but will steal your attention in a heartbeat.

And if you are looking for a dark-skinned, dark-eyed Romanian boyfriend, they’ve got plenty of them too! These guys likely have Latin or Turkish ancestors.

Romanians are truly handsome men, but they also prefer to dress simple and casual, even though younger generations lean towards trendy, street-style clothing.

Now, if you have the chance to attend wedding celebrations or special occasions in Romania, you might catch men wearing colorful, traditional attire, which foreigners love! These garments play a big role in Romanian culture and are part of a centuries-old tradition.

Romanian man


The personality of Romanian men

If you are looking for an old-fashioned, well-mannered, hard-working gentleman, plenty of single Romanian guys will treat you like a real lady.

Romanian men will make you feel like you are a queen, from holding doors and buying flowers to serving drinks and paying bills.

Unfortunately, they can be stuck in traditional male/female roles, so gender equality is not a forte of Romanian people. Most Romanians look for women who’d rather be stay-at-home moms, raise children and take care of the house. That means you won’t feel the pressure of earning a living because that’s his job.

Your Romanian boyfriend will always keep you safe and protected, whether financially, emotionally, or physically. That also speaks volumes of their integrity. They are family oriented with strong traditional values and principles, making them excellent fathers.

Romanian guys are also very confident, macho-like, and (you guessed it) great lovers! (Ahh, that boiling Latin blood, right?)

BUT… They are also proud people and among the most conservative European men, so don’t even think of having male friends, suggesting an open relationship, or, god forbid, cheating!

That also means they are pretty loyal partners and great family men.

Where to meet Romanian men

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Now that we know how awesome Romanian men are, let’s see where you can find yourself one fine specimen!

The two easiest ways to meet hot Romanian guys as a foreigner are:

  • In-person
  • Through dating apps

Online dating makes things easy but isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Here’s where to go to meet Romanian men in person.


Old Town Bucharest is where younger men go to pick up girls and have fun. The bad thing is that it also attracts many tourists, and with them come scams. So be sure you are dating a real guy, not a scammer.

The capital of Romania boasts a long list of places perfect for a first date or meeting new Romanian men. Some places include:


Most Romanian men in Brasov are to be found in the city center and the surrounding areas for dating during the day or at night.

Here’s where to look for nice Romanian men for fun or long-term relationships:

  • Times
  • Il Caminetto
  • Kundera Pub
  • Move
  • 4 Rooms
  • Club 13
  • Bridge Pub


Intrigued by Romania’s vampire frenzy? Look no further because Cluj-Napoca is the place to be. Hot Romanian men, lots of alcohol, and Transylvania’s spooky vibe can be quite the turn-on, am I right, ladies?

Here are some of the best places to go hunting for hot guys in Cluj-Napoca:


Being among the most beautiful cities in Romania, Timisoara is also home to some of the most handsome Romanian guys.

Old Town Tamisoara is where people mingle with their close friends or hang out with foreigners, both during the day and at night.

As a foreign woman, show up at D’arc, Epic Society, Heaven, Coco, and Fratelli Lounge & Club to increase your chances of scoring a date with a Romanian man.

Online Dating in Romania

eharmony – The Best Dating Site to Meet Romanian Guys

Claiming it can pair you with a perfect match from any spot in the world, boasts a large clientele from Europe and North America, Asia, Latin America, and many other places.

If you’ve been planning to visit Romania, will help you kill loneliness and perhaps find true love. However, this is not a quick hookup platform. You might need to put some effort into building a full profile to boost your chances of finding a date.

The platform is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Unfortunately, it’s only available to Android users.

So, if you are looking for a reliable online dating platform to match you with the Romanian man from your dreams, is the perfect place to start.

Romanian Kiss

romaniakiss date men

Ladies, if you’re looking to date a charming Romanian man, RomaniaKiss is a must-try! Catering to Romanian singles across the globe, this dating site is perfect for those seeking friendship, casual relationships, or even a lifelong partner. With a user-friendly interface and engaging features, it’s time to dive into the world of international dating!


RomaniaKiss offers roulette-type matchmaking and allows you to add a selfie for profile verification. Most profiles are detailed and complete, giving you a clear picture of potential matches. While there aren’t many special features, sending messages is free for successful matches, and the swipe-based matchmaking makes it enjoyable.

Prices and memberships:

RomaniaKiss offers three premium membership options with different durations. Prices are average compared to other dating sites, and there’s a free trial available for new users. Free services include registration, basic searching, and switching to Worldwide Mode, while fee-based services offer messaging, advanced searching, ad removal, and priority listing.

Pros and Cons:


  • Roulette-type matchmaking available
  • Selfie verification for profiles
  • Detailed user profiles
  • Free messaging for successful matches


  • Limited special features
  • Presence of fake profiles (although moderated)
  • Mobile app only for Android users


RomaniaKiss is a fantastic platform for women seeking to date Romanian men. While it may lack some special features, its user-friendly interface and efficient matchmaking process make it worth a try. With a diverse user base and a safe environment, it’s time to explore new connections and find your Romanian prince charming!


eurocupid review

Having one of the largest dating pools in Europe, ranks high with foreign women looking to date Romanian men.

Whether you are looking for a committed relationship or just a casual fling with multiple Romanian men, is a great online platform to start from.

The fact that the website has been running for almost three decades shows how trustworthy and reliable this matching service is.

With recent updates, is now available both in the browser and as an Android app.

It also offers multiple subscription options and a high level of security.

Meeting men in Romania

Pros and cons of dating Romanian men

sexy romanian man

International dating can be great fun but comes with its fair share of challenges. So let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of dating hot Romanian guys.


  • You’ll notice the difference

They are probably unlike any other men you’ve dated before. A lot different than the typical Western European men.

  • Outgoing and entertaining

Romanian men are great fun. They are warm, generous, and have a great sense of humor.

  • Strong family values

As I already mentioned, Romanian men maintain a tight-knit relationship with their families and usually go for the housewife type of woman.

  • Go-Getters!

Your Easter European McDreamy will sweep you off your feet with his courage and determination. Romanian men are never afraid to go after what they want and rarely back down from their goals.

  • True Gentlemen

You’ve probably figured it out by now, but Romanian guys will treat you as a queen. They will take you out to nice restaurants, buy you drinks, shower you with compliments, give you gifts and, most importantly, keep your heart safe.


  • Language barrier

Regarding communication, Romanians speak their mother tongue and some other Romance languages like Italian and Spanish. English is not their strong suit!

But even if your Romanian man can’t speak a word in English, at least the Romanian language is easy on the ear and sounds like a melody.

  • Toxic jealousy

Yep, I said it! Romanian men can be extremely jealous and overprotective. This borderline possessive behavior can soon strain your relationship, especially if you are a Western woman in love with her freedoms and options.

  • Afraid of Powerful Women

You may not see it at first, but as a strong, independent, well-paid woman dating a Romanian man, you’ll soon notice his confidence going down the drain. Romanian men are easily intimidated by powerful women, to the point they may break up or ghost you.

What do Romanian men like in a woman

  • Family Values

Romanian guys are family-oriented, so it’s natural for them to look for women with similar values. They will want someone who wants to raise children, manage the household, take care of their parents and maintain a close relationship with the wider family.

  • Dedication

This is probably the same for any man in the world, but Romanian guys love girls who are dedicated to the relationship and put effort into growing together as a couple.

  • Cooking Skills

I guess this is pretty self-explanatory, but Romanian people are great cooks, and they will expect you to have at least some basic cooking skills. Like most passionate men, the way to Romanian men’s hearts is through their stomachs.

  • Great Looks

Beauty and good looks are extremely important in this country! Local men prefer ladies who take good care of themselves, from makeup and hair to fitness and style.

  • Modest Personality

If you are a chatty, gossip girl who loves to talk for hours, don’t be disappointed when your guy vanishes into thin air. Even though Romanian men love outgoing, fun-loving girls, they are not into someone who will talk their ear off.

A final word on dating men from Romania

Modern Romanian people are kind and welcoming, so even if they can’t understand your foreign language, they will make you feel accepted and at home.

Romanian men are quite the catch once you figure out what makes them tick.

Being faithful partners and even better fathers and family men are some of their strongest traits.

In a few words, Romania is a must-visit destination whether you are going for the men or for the experience.

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