Dating Spanish Girls: What Are Spanish Women Like

Spanish Woman

Spain is a land of diverse and unspoiled beauty, from golden beaches to magnificent snowcapped mountains to vast deserts.

It’s also home to beautiful Spanish women who are a significant draw for men worldwide.

If you want to learn about dating a Spanish girl when you visit the country, you’ve come to the right place. Spaniard women are gorgeous, fun to spend time with, and fully embrace their feminine virtues!

Here are the top tip for dating Spaniard girls.

What Are Spanish Women Like?

If you’ve never dated a Spanish woman before, you’re in for a real treat. The hispanic dating culture is a bit different, especially in Europe, so read carefully the following tips.

Here are the top things you need to know about dating a Spanish woman:

They Are Very Traditional

Spanish women are very traditional. Family always comes first, and if she’s younger, she most likely still lives with her parents and siblings.

If you want to date her for the long term, you’ll need to get approval from the family first. Expect her to want to introduce you to them after your second or third date.

If you’re nervous about meeting her family so soon, know that the Spanish are very hospitable and will do everything possible to make you feel welcomed as a friend (and eventually as a family member).

Spanish woman


They love romance

The Spanish are well-known for their intense passion for romance, and the women are no exception. Going out for drinks or coffee is great for a first date, but she’ll soon want more than just that. Do activities together, such as hiking, spending a day at the beach, or watching a live sports game.

They love great food

Spanish Food Paella

Besides great romance, Spanish girls also appreciate excellent food. There’s a reason why a Spanish fiesta will always have delicious food on the menu.

When dating, ask her what kind of food she likes and then go to a good restaurant that serves it.  Even better will be if you can show off your cooking skills to her.

They’ll Appreciate Intelligent Conversation 

Spanish women are generally well educated and a high percentage of graduates from universities. Even though the Spanish may be known for enjoying parties, the girl you date will equally enjoy an intelligent conversation over dinner and wine. 

They Could Be Quick to Temper 

Spanish girls are very similar to Romanian girls, they are very passionate, and while this can translate to passion on your dates or in the bedroom, it can also translate to a temper at times.

It’s virtually inevitable that the Spanish girl you date will get upset over something seemingly small that annoys her. The good news is – she can calm down and forget about it just as quickly!

Tips for Dating a Spanish girl

Now that you know what Spanish women are like, here are the top tips for dating a Spanish girl:

Flirt with Her   

Nowadays, many men have forgotten how to flirt with a woman. Spanish girls, though, love to flirt and will be bothered by a man who seems too cautious or awkward in his interactions with her.

Share jokes, lightly give her a touch on the arm and make your romantic interest in her clear.

Remember, you’re not her friend, you’re her potential lover!

It’s Your Job to Ask Her Out  

It’s your call as to if and when you ask her out. In Spain, it’s expected for the man to be the one to suggest going out on a date.

One way she could test you is to say ‘no’ at first. It doesn’t mean that she denies you; it means that she’s challenging you. You may need to ask her out two or three times before she says yes.

Be A Gentleman

Open doors for her and let her walk through first. Pull her chair for her. Dress well and comb your hair. Stand up straight and make eye contact with her when you speak.

Remember that Spanish girls are more traditional and thus expect you to fill your masculine role well.

Be Intelligent  

Remember that most Spanish girls are well-educated. She’ll be put off by a man who doesn’t engage her in intelligent conversation. Talking about your careers or families at first is fine, but it will get old soon.

Ask her opinion on current events, her aspirations in life, or what she looks for in a man. The last question especially will show her you have confidence.

Learn How to Dance  

Mastering salsa dancing may be difficult at first, but Spanish girls love nothing more than dancing with their potential mates. If you truly don’t know how to dance, her teaching you how to could make for a memorable date.


Hopefully, this article on proven Spanish women dating tips has given you an idea of what dating a Spanish girl will be like. Dancing, fun conversations, good food, and fine wine will be on the agenda for your date!

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