Colombian Men: How To Tell if a Colombian Man Likes You


Colombian men are very attractive and unbelievably charming. I mean, who wouldn’t be drawn to their mysterious dark eyes, thick hair, and great looks?

If you have a Columbian man within your sights and are looking for ways to seduce him, this guide is for you! We’ll take a look at what Colombian men are like in detail and share tips for dating them.

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So, What Are Colombian Men Like?

There’s more to know about these guys than how good they look. The Colombian guys’ personalities are also very fascinating!

From my experience, I have found them to be:

Very Handsome

This is probably what you’re wondering first, right?

So let’s get it out of the way and state what you’re dying to know:

Colombian men are among the most handsome in the world and certainly in South America!

In general, Colombian men have tanned skin, dark hair, and handsome European features with a mixture of Middle Eastern and even African genetics.

But as you’ll soon read, this is only part of what makes them attractive, as they are also…

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Colombian men have an element of enigma about them, which adds to the thrill of dating them.

Compared to men from other parts of the world, there is not much genuine material documented about these guys, keeping them mind-puzzling mysteries.

Athletic Sport Fanatics

Good looks aside, they have kept up with the recent trend of working out their way to a muscular body.

Most guys I met loved sports, with soccer topping the popularity charts by a fair distance. Tattoos aren’t uncommon either, which is the icing on the cake for girls looking for drool-worthy men.

Romantic And Passionate

Colombian guys are die-hard romantics at heart. Once their eyes are set on you, they will go to any lengths to pursue you. They are passionate lovers and take to dancing naturally, making them excellent partners.



Columbian men are up to date with the latest fashion trends, and many of them pay extra attention to their looks.

They have style and like to take off their shirt at the first available chance – be it on a beach or over social media. Can’t say I’m complaining, though!

Thorough Gentlemen

Colombians are the most polite men I have ever met! For all the time you are together, they will do the most chivalrous things that will sweep you off your feet. Be it opening doors, pulling chairs, or protecting you, a Colombian man will do all this and much more and make you feel extra special.


Colombia has plenty to offer in terms of adventure, and if you are a foreigner, your Colombian date will happily show you around the country. You’re always safe in his company and get to experience some of the most breathtaking scenery.


Colombian guys are excellent at planning dates and will take you to places you’ve never seen before.

They’re also super spontaneous – one moment, he will ask you out for what’ll seem like a casual evening, and the next thing you know, you’re headed to the airport, waiting to board a plane to a surprise destination!

Very Social

Colombians are very close to their families and have a big social circle. So a Columbian guy doesn’t take long to introduce you to his family and friends and invite you over for different celebrations. 

The Not-so-Great-Things About Colombian Men

Columbian men are attractive and charming with adventurous personalities. But at the same time, they’re also not exactly the perfect dream guy you may be envisioning.

 Just like all good things, dating a Colombian man comes with some inherent shortcomings.

They’re a bit Unreliable

Unlike other countries, Columbian guys are yet to master punctuality. Even worse, don’t be surprised if your date does not turn up at all! That’s what we call the Latin Standard Time, and the same goes for Colombian girls!

They Can Be Impulsive and Dramatic

You’ll find the adventurous part of a Colombian guy’s personality also displays its flip side when he becomes a bit dramatic in situations that don’t exactly justify the drama.

It’s easy for him to become jealous, especially if he feels you aren’t giving him the proper amount of attention.

Let’s put it this way; when a Colombian man becomes upset…he’s really upset.

He also may act a bit impulsively, meaning he won’t plan his day out ahead of time, and you’ll find yourself zig-zagging from one activity or adventure to the next without warning.

They Exaggerate a Lot

Colombian guys commonly speak in a way where they over-exaggerate what they mean to say. For instance, you will rarely hear him say, “It was OK” or “You sometimes do that.” Rather, he will say, “It was excellent, the best I’ve ever had!” and “It was terrible, the worst I’ve ever had!” or “You always do that” and “You never do that.”

When listening to him speak, give him the attention he wants and figure out the context. Then, you can understand the underlying meaning of what he is saying without taking his exaggerations super literally.

They Have No Problems Lying

Unfortunately, this is something you may have to contend with a Colombian man, especially if you’re in the early stages of a relationship.

The underlying problem is that it is OK to tell ‘small lies’ if it means protecting yourself and your status in Colombian culture.

In this case of a Colombian man, he may exaggerate his past adventures, or he may outright say he isn’t seeing anyone when he actually is.

Remember that no two people are the same, so just because you meet a Colombian man does not mean he will be a compulsive liar. Just be ready for the possibility.

They Can Be Difficult to Understand


Not only are Colombian guys prone to exaggerate and be emotional in certain situations, but they also are prone to be a bit indirect with their communication.

This is because of their desire to avoid direct confrontation, in preference for a long-winded approach where they may fall back on their emotions. 

As mentioned before, pay close attention to the underlying context of what he is getting at. You don’t have to take his exaggerations literally, and you don’t have to respond to his potentially volatile emotions with an aggressive, emotional response from yourself. Read between the lines of what he is saying.

Monogamy Is Not Everybody’s Strong Suit

Especially in his younger years, it’s unlikely he’ll be fully monogamous even when he finds a gal he really likes. Colombian men love women, and their adventurous side comes out in their pursuit of new girls who catch their eye.

Even when the two of you are dating seriously, chances are decent, he’ll have another girl (or two) on the side that he isn’t telling you about.

And remember, he may not be entirely honest with you about his dating life, at least not at first when the two of you haven’t learned to trust one another yet.

Issues with the Machismo Culture

You’ll find that dating a Colombian man is more intense than dating his American, Canadian, or European counterpart. A part of this is because of Latin American culture, which emphasizes men being ‘macho’ if you know what I mean.

From the time they are young, Colombian men are raised by their fathers and mothers alike to be mentally and physically strong and embrace their masculinity.

While this may be what draws you to him initially, it’s also possible for him to take it a bit too far and become arrogant or too demanding of what you can provide him (food, sex, etc.).

Some Are Still Mama’s Boys

Colombian guys love their mothers, and in today’s world, that’s honestly refreshing. It may even be surprising considering the machismo culture in Colombia that we just covered.

But again, some Colombian men may take it too far to the point where they become too reliant on their mothers for emotional and even financial support. He’ll also likely have little personal ambition.

If this applies to the guy you’re seeing, be warned that if the relationship between the two of you takes off, you may end up ‘taking the place’ of his mom (if you know what I mean).

They Can Be Controlling

This stems from the machismo section we just discussed. Colombian guys like to be in charge and in control of everything.

That’s fine, but again, some may take it too far to the point that they use manipulative tactics to ensure they remain the dominant partner.

Just be prepared for the possibility that there will come a time in your relationship with a Colombian man when he starts to “break the rules” you’ve previously set.

Don’t let him isolate you from your group of friends or break the boundaries you’ve established in the relationship early on.

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The Pros and Cons of Dating a Colombian Man

Pro: He Wants To Make You Happy


Colombian guys are romantics, and this is one of the reasons why he’ll strive to make you as happy as he can.

He’ll devote a lot of his time to you as he pursues you intensely and yet not aggressively. He’ll take you to restaurants or bars you want to visit, he’ll listen to what kind of activities you’re up for, and he’ll buy you clothes or other souvenirs that you want to take back home.

He will also be a gentleman, including taking your jacket, holding the car or restaurant door open for you, and acting very polite (if also a little teasing, though in a flirty way) with his words and mannerisms.

Pro: You’ll Form Lots of Fun Memories Together

Something that most Colombian guys share in common is how they always want to be doing something. Simply sitting around at home or in the hotel all day won’t suit him well. Instead, he’ll want to do things such as going hiking, swimming at the beach, going to a sports game, or hanging out with his group of friends.

The benefit here is that even though it may become exhausting to keep up with him, you’ll forge lots of good memories together. Furthermore, it’s always easier to become attracted to someone when you do an activity together.

Pro: He’ll Have A Lot of Mystery To Him

There’s always something fun about dating a guy who’s filled with mystery, right? Colombian guys won’t tell you much about their background, what they do, or their past life experiences, at least not at first.

They prefer to live in the moment, including being with you in the present. As you get to know him more, he’ll naturally start to open up more about himself. This alone will make it fun to date him because you’ll likely learn something new about him every day.

Con: He Can Be Emotionally Volatile

As we’ve discussed already, Colombian men can get a bit emotional and long-winded when they speak. It’s just a part of their culture and how they grew up.

When he’s happy, he’ll be very happy, and you’ll have the time of your life together. But when he’s upset, he’ll be very upset…and nothing you say may be a satisfying answer for him.

He’ll usually avoid being direct or straightforward with you, especially when it comes to…

Con: He May Not Tell You The Truth About His Other Relationships

Colombian guys love women. That’s why he’s pursuing you, after all. But chances are, you’re not the only woman he’s pursuing.

It’s also likely if he is actively pursuing anyone else, he won’t tell you, at least not early on. If you address it, he’ll probably try to dodge the question, bring up something else, or give an unclear answer.

Are you OK with that? Only you can decide for yourself.

How To Impress A Colombian Man?

Colombian men are handsome and very passionate, yet they can also be dramatic at times, as we have seen.

But that’s OK because I can assure you that the pros of spending time with a Colombian guy while visiting the country far outweigh the cons, as we have discussed above.

The best advice that can be given about dating a Colombian guy is to embrace your feminine nature and to get ready for a wild ride with an exotic and seductive gentleman.

If you’re still interested in dating a Colombian man, here’s what you need to know about impressing them:

Accept That He’ll Be Late

People from Latin America, in general, are known for usually running late to scheduled dates or get-togethers. This is because they run on ‘Latin’ time, which means that if you schedule a get-together at a certain hour (say 8:00), that means they’ll be getting ready at that hour. The same applies equally to Colombian men and women.

The only thing you can do is accept it and plan ahead. For example, if you want to meet at 8:00, set something up for 7:00 or 7:30.

Play Hard To Get

Don’t make it super easy for him to get you! Remember, the Colombian guy you date is likely very experienced with many women already.

It will be more fun for him if you play hard to get versus throwing yourself at him and giving exactly what he wants with no effort on his part.

So, let your guy come after you and take charge by being at your seductive best while keeping him at arm’s length.

Embrace Your Exotic Looks

This tip is really about embracing your feminine nature as a whole. Even if you don’t consider yourself exotic where you’re from (such as in the United States or Europe), you most likely will be in Colombia.

Put effort into looking nice in front of the mirror before you go out to see him. Not only will he like it more, but it’s also more fun for you and helps build the anticipation leading up to your date.

Try Different Styles

Guys from Colombia are used to seeing gorgeous Colombian women of different ethnicities and styles. However, unlike in Europe or America, there is no set rule about dressing up for dates, and it is OK to try out an entirely different makeover to grab his attention.

Expect The Unexpected

Gear up to face exciting, adventurous times ahead, as you never know how your date plans to surprise you. He might have planned a casual beachside dance party to paragliding over the hills and everything in between.

Let Them Show You Off

Colombian men are all about their status, and they want other people to see them with a beautiful female partner by their side.

So, don’t be surprised if he wants to meet up with his group of friends. Part of it will be him genuinely wanting to spend time with them, but another part will be him wanting to show you off.

Accept That Family Comes First

Colombians are raised traditionally, and family is everything to them. So there’s a good chance (if he’s particularly young) that he could still be living in a house with his extended family.

He will take time out of his week to go and see them at family gatherings, especially on Sundays. So if he tells you he can’t meet up because he’s spending time with the fam, he means it.

Do not compete for attention and interfere with his family time.

Don’t Expect Commitment

Is he ready to fully commit himself to you after you first meet? Chances are high he’s not, and he’ll treat the relationship as casual. That’s especially true with long-distance relationships.

If he shows signs of commitment, such as mentioning or discussing seriously how the two of you can live your lives together in the future, it’s a clear sign that he views you as a potential wife.

Don’t Think You’re Exclusive

As noted previously, it’s naïve to believe that you’ll be exclusive to him. It’s also naïve to believe that he’ll be fully honest upfront about his other active female partners as well.

If you like him and want to spend more time together, just go along with the flow and act like it’s just the two of you for now. He’ll decide when he wants to open up more.

Be Open to New Experiences

Colombian men love adventures. He’ll want to bring you along to his favorite things to do, and often he won’t even ask you to join. He’ll just tell you that this is what the two of you will do for the day.

Be open-minded and willing to try new activities, new food, and new experiences at a moment’s notice.

Surprise Him Now and Then

He’ll also love to be surprised just as much as he’ll love to take you out on his adventures. Set aside something for the two of you, such as a sit-down meal together or a gift you want to present to him, but don’t tell him what it is. Tell him it’s a surprise, and you should see a big smile come across his face.

Take It Easy

Colombian men do not take life too seriously. They don’t plan for years in advance. They generally have a casual attitude toward life, and the same goes for dating. So make sure you enjoy your time together and not ruin it by worrying about the future.

Things to Avoid When Trying to Impress a Colombian Guy

Lastly, here are some crucial things to avoid when dating a Colombian man:

Being Overly Jealous

This one can be hard, just because Colombian guys are usually not the most monogamous men in the world and commonly have a few active female partners at once.

If you inquire about it, he’ll be indirect or laugh it off at first. But if you persist, he could become more and more irate and view you as being jealous, which he won’t like and could respond emotionally to.

Being Too Clingy

At the same time, don’t be too clingy, either. Don’t act like he’s the only man you can ever have and like you have to be around him every minute.

He will invest a lot of time into the relationship with you if he likes you a lot, but he doesn’t want you to be the center of his universe, either.

Set aside a time when the two of you can be alone and go about your business until it’s time to see one another again.

Disrespecting His Friends and Family

Colombians are very traditional people where family is a big part of their lives, as is the case with most of Latin America.

If he’s serious about you, he’ll be eager to introduce you to his family, including his parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Be polite regarding his family, both when you are actually with them and when you are just speaking about them.

He won’t tolerate you saying anything or acting in a disrespectful way around them, and he’ll be prone to respond with anger. The same goes for his friends, and especially for the friends he wants to spend a lot of time with.

Summing It Up

Having a relationship with a Colombian man can be really fun, provided you know the rules of the game:

It is all about being in the moment and going with the flow. It’ll be full of pleasant surprises and a real roller-coaster adventure.

The guaranteed perks are an extended social circle, enhanced Spanish skills, and quite a few adventurous evenings.

You can also check our reviews of the best Colombian dating sites.

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